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Is Your Space Aligned With You?

Ask yourself the following two simple questions:

Can you do what you want to do with ease and flow?

You and your work or home environment are interconnected: you affect it as much as it affects you. There are several types of energy blockages and man-made stressors in a workspace that impact negatively on the people working there, and on business results.

The aim of the Harmony & Balance consultation, for home-space and workspace, is to identify these problem areas and resolve them. This results in improvements on all levels ranging from people morale, to achieving results, well-being, harmony, abundance and productivity.

How does your space affect you?

Simply put, everything is formed through two primordial aspects referred to as Yin and Yang, which have to always co-exist in balance in order to produce a positive, productive outcome. This principle governs all areas of our lives, including the space we occupy, whether home or office, which is referred to as ‘the container’, and people, including the functions they perform within that space, we refer to as ‘the content’.

How resonance leads to harmony

When content and container are in harmony with each other, resonance takes place generating a force, or energy, which helps us materialise our goals. In the workplace, the absence of such harmony means discord between co-workers and stunted business results. At home, discord can take shape in various areas reflecting how relaxed, comfortable, energised the members are; and how they interact with each other and the level of their well-being.

I can help you get there

I will send a detailed report, in Phase 1, pointing problem areas. Phase 2 report details remedies and how to place them. You can start enjoying your life even better!

Five Steps To Achieving Harmony & Balance

1 . Order Phase 1: You can see more information on Phase 1 in my online shop.

2. Email details: Drawing of your floor plan, pictures of various rooms within the space, any symptoms you have observed.

3. Assess & Report: I will assess the space and send you a report highlighting problem areas.

4. Book Phase 2: InPhase 2, the report highlights specific custom remedies to bring your space back into harmony & balance.

5. Apply Remedies : Now, you can enjoy harmony & balance in whatever you do!

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