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Ketheric Well-Being: What is Personal Resilience?

Ketheric Well-Being is about developing personal resilience, empowering you through practicing flexibility, so you can bounce back quickly from life’s changes or traumas. How? By holding yourself accountable to how you respond to those changes. Observe feelings, thoughts, and actions (you can choose to feel, think and act differently).

When we learn to develop personal resilience, we adapt more quickly to life’s changes; creating more joy and less conflict.

Why develop resilience the Ketheric Well-being way?

In developing personal resilience, we become the masters of our destinies; since it is about developing inner strength, character and purpose. It includes the ability to:

  • Function when “hit” by a personal crisis. Instead of our life coming to a halt, we are able to minimise “down-time” and get back on track.
  • Act appropriately: respond to life’s changes in balance, without being either aggressive or passive; in other words learn to deal with “stuff”.
  • Act in a timely manner: respond to any changes, or crises, that occur in our life “now”, without living in the past, or fantasizing about the future.
  • Move forward into the future, and live your life to the best of your capability.

Our Fragile Psyche

As human beings, our psyche is fragile; getting over something can take a long time and colour our view of life negatively resulting in more negativity and eventually causing us to falsely belief that we lack self-will to create joyful living.

Resilience is about widening your perspective of life, learning how to take it in your stride, and steering it forward in the direction of your desired destination. How often have you experienced being stuck in time, frozen, where the past still dominates you present holding you back because of an event which you cannot recover from?

Changing Your Perspective

For many of us, the past seems to repeat itself without any hope of change in our present circumstance. However, in order to do more than just “survive”, to enjoy living our lives; we need to teach ourselves how to broaden our perspective of the circumstances we experience. How? By modulating our responses accordingly. This enables us to move forward.

How else can we manage to do so if we maintain a fixed view-point?

  • Ketheric Well-Being, is to develop personal resilience; that is to consciously develop flexibility of
  • perspective,
  • thought and

Flex & Modulate

Flexibility of perspective, is the experience you have when you climb up a mountain; the view changes as you climb higher and you see a “bigger picture” and you are able to see how the geography of the landscape fits together.

Flexibility of thought, feeling and actions; just like when you drive a car,  you are spontaneous, in the now, you are flexible as your perspective changes, and make judgments accordingly in real-time. In other words, you MODULATE your driving, your speed, you change lanes, etc. to avoid crashing and you keep your destination in mind all times. Keeping an open mind encourages being flexible, expands our perspective nd generates more choices of action.

As you continue reading this book, I hope that it will help you to open up to the magic in life, to cope and sustain yourselves in these uncertain times by developing your personal resilience, and inviting more joy into your lives.

© Sahar Huneidi-Palmer (the above article is an extract from my upcoming self-help book Ketheric Well-being: The Four Dimensions of Change)

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