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Unbox Your 2020 Vision

Unbox Your 2020 Vision
with Sahar & Katrina

This is an exciting day where you will be lead through creative meditations, your aura will be cleansed before you attend, you will learn how to set your goals and prioritize the; so that you and you will have a 12-month plan to Unbox your potential and goals. Please bring any available magazines you may have at hand, and a pair of scissors to create the visuals for your 2020 Vision Box. 2020 Vision Box will be provided as well as refreshments.
475 AED.

register here.

Monthly Unbox Circle

Unbox 2020 is a monthly personal growth Circle and is one of a kind personal empowerment. It’s for people who are ready to grow and evolve collectively as soulful individuals. Unbox 2020 is born out of passion to support you from the inside out; because every person is a powerhouse, and a leader of  their community – at home and in the workplace. We come together in a sacred space, as our elders did, to create meaningful connections, share our stories and our life’s wisdom to support each other in claiming and re-membering who we truly are; our Real Identity. Dates for Unbox Monthly Circles will be announ ced in my newsletter. Each month a new theme is explored. Look for us on Eventbrite soon.

Receive a special 2020 gift (worth 350 AED when you sign up & pay in full for 12 months.

11:00 am – 2:00pm (lunch included).

Trance-Healing with Gaetano Vivo

Many of my clients have told me that they recently feeling, like many of us do now, disconnected from their usual self; having to exert a great deal of extra effort only to make tiny steps forward! This is because the earth energies are quickening and if we “tune-up” our personal energy field, or auric field, we will continue to experience struggle and dense inertia on daily bases.

The good news is that my great friend and colleague, the international healer, speaker and author (of more than 10 books published in English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish); Italian born Gaetano Vivo, will be re-visiting Dubai In January 2020 to continue to promote his new book, published, for the first time in Arabic,: Healing The Heart of Mankind. He previous visit in October was an enormous success. If you wish to book a private session with Gaetano, please contact me. Updates will be announced in my newsletter.

24th January – 9th February.
Email me to pre-book your session.

Meditate On Mondays

Humility is the way to enlightenment! For me, meditation is about taking a journey into the depth of our essence to:

  • Come closer with the All-encompassing Universal Energy
  • Develop a deeper understanding of our reality, and
  • Connect to All That Is elevating our consciousness.

I facilitate creative Meditate On Mondays class on Mondays in-person which lovingly refer to as MOM. Whenever my international guests & colleagues are in Dubai, I invite them to lead the MOM class so you can experience and explore various aspects of consciousness.

Mondays 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm. Updates on Instagram. DM to join my community email list. Here’s what’s coming up

Trance Meditation with Gaetano Vivo:

  • Monday 27th January 2020, 7:00 pm -8:30 pm. Fee 150 AED.
  • Monday 3rd February 2020, 7:00 pm -8:30 pm. Fee 150 AED.

Places are limited. Please WhatsApp me asap to book.

Shamanic Healing & Soul retrieval with Dawn Paul

Dawn Paul, Shaman and healer of souls. She published her book, by the same title, sharing her story: moving from a corporate job in finance to becoming a healer.

Dawn works Internationally as a shamanic healer and spiritual teacher. She is the author of the book ‘A Healer of Souls’ which is available on Amazon. Dawn also holds an MBA from Nottingham Trent University and provides Leadership Development courses. “l love it. I love how quickly it helps people to transform their lives, I love how it helps to return people to wholeness and I feel blessed to witness deep and lasting transformation arise in my clients. I know this healing modality works because I see it every day and I also use it myself.”

Dawn suffered extreme ill health as a child and clinically died on the operating table at age 8. She spent the reast of her life nurturing in her interest in healing. She work as an Altomesayok – a shaman who works directly with high level spirits. Shamanic healing can help you to heal your past and return to wholeness. Soul Retrieval, soul healing, or soul return is a process undertaken by a shaman in which the lost soul fragments of a person are healed and returned to them, along with gifts and resources in order to help the person not only return to wholeness but also to be able to move forward in life and create the life of their dreams.

March/April 2020

Please email me to book.