1-Hour Life Reading with Sahar

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Life Reading

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A Life Reading is an intuitive 1-hour reading which combines clairvoyant abilities, tarot and numerology to give you guidance on your life path. We will look at where you are at now, what is blocking you, and what you need to do to fulfil your purpose. It is like the compass that helps you chart your life journey, navigate it safely avoiding blocks and obstacles, until you reach your destination. Life Readings are from a spiritual perspective or, “soul” level. They restore your self-will by focusing on your natural abilities to create your ‘personal reality’. I mentor you by giving practical advice and “homework” to achieve your goals. My Life Readings are not limited to predictions. The focus is on assisting your life journey, and restoring your will to design your future by enhancing your self-awareness. You could be given “homework”, which is tasks you need to act on in order to align and unblock your path, and realise your future life. For decades, I offered money-back promise. I was never asked to refund. Check out Clients testimonials.

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