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This is a one-hour guidance session. The main object of your session is to highlight your current patterns, and dynamic, and offer potential solutions and practical life-guidance.
A one-hour session available to newcomers and existing clients alike. In this session, I will help you identify the issues, and how to resolve them. If you are a new client, try to decide on what issues are most important for you.

Returning clients can use this hour to tackle current issues when they arise. Together, we can work on limiting patterns of thought and behaviour, increase your self-awareness. This will help you to achieve a deeper understanding of how you are co-authoring your life. Also, in this session I will help you discern and clear emotional & mental blocks; and address any distortions that have lead to the current state of imbalance. You will also understand what your life purpose, personal goals and challenges are.

Before the Session: Jot down the aspects of your life that you would like to address in this hour. For example, relationships, abundance, career path, etc. Our session will be recorded digitally and emailed to you as an MP3 audio file. I respect client confidentiality, and do not ever share any details of our conversation.

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