1-2-1 Unbox Master Class: Sleep On It!

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Sleep On It! The Power of Dreaming

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Understand Your Own Dream Language. Dreams are the language of the mind. “I truly believe that no self-development, growth, or awareness journey is complete without working your dreams”. This is a 2-Hour Master Class

Dreams reflect your own fears, hopes, beliefs and how you process your life. They also represent 30% of your life! While there is a universal language to dreams, your own dream language is personal and specific to you; and that’s why your dreams can offer you valuable insights. The more you work with your dreams, the more you will become aware of how you operate in your life, and what you need to address and work on. A dream can give you the opportunity to heal, understand and integrate your life experiences.

You will learn how to:
Interpret universal and personal symbols
Direct your dreams
Develop our own dream dictionary
Interpret your own dreams.
All material will be provided. Previous experience is not necessary. Bring a recent dream, or two.

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