Sound Essences

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Shifting your vibration is the “Secret” to shifting you into the life of your dreams!

Sound Essences are vibrational remedies that have been charged with sound waves to help balance the energy body. Sound Essences are pioneering remedies that embrace the principles of vibrational medicine which is based on the principle that all illness, disease, or imbalance is characterised by blockage in the channels on some level: either in the auric field, chakras, meridians, arteries, veins, lymph or nerves. When there is a blockage in a channel, the related system or organ no longer vibrates at a healthy frequency, causing discomfort or sickness. Sound Essences embrace the healing vibrations, which are found in: Sound, Colour, Crystals and Gems, Positive Word Affirmations, Sacred Geometry, Symbols, Aroma and Homeopathy. Sound Essences restore the healthy vibration to the etheric body allowing the physical body to rebalance itself. Every individual who works to raise his or her vibrational level to enter into a clear and balanced frequency is contributing to the alignment and enrichment of this world.
Price is for a set of 5 x 15ml sprays. Product is available in the UAE only. Delivery included.

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