1-2-1 Unbox Master Class: Vibrational Me™

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Unbox Your Birth Date: Vibrational Me™

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Know Yourself Through Numerology. Your date of birth reveals a great deal about you, and your soul plan for this life time. Numbers that make up your date of birth signify your strengths, weaknesses and your life purpose. This is a fun online, 1-2-1, 60-90 min. workshop where you will find out how numbers can give you a deeper insight into who you are.

This introductory workshop offers you personal clarity into: life path & purpose, strengths & challenges; as well as talents and constraints which you’ve “inherited” through your ancestors so you can begin to Unbox your potential.

Free courses are also available to you on Unbox Life Academy. Life-time membership is free, and members are invited to monthly free webinars on self-growth and awareness.

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