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Unbox Your Birth Date: Vibrational Me™

Know Yourself Through Numerology

Your date of birth reveals a great deal about you and your soul plan for this life time. Numbers that make up your date of birth signify your strengths, weaknesses and your life purpose? This is a fun onli [...]

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Sleep On It! The Power of Dreaming

Understand Your Own Dream Language

Sahar Palmer, Personal Mentor and Guide, truly believes that dreams are the language of the mind. “I truly believe that no self-development, growth, or awareness journey is complete without working you [...]

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BEMA: The Four Dimensions of Personal Change

If you want to feel free and full of joy, start observing yourself. The more you observe yourself without judgement, the more likely you are to unbox distorted patterns and blocks in your life. [...]

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Self-Transformation Through Imagery

Can you connect with your authentic identity? Lack clarity and guidance?

Well, there is nothing like an image and a single word to unlock the imagination and allow insights and guidance to come through. I use various image cards (Tarot) t [...]

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All workshops are held in person, one-on-one, or online in a small group, or anytime when four people are interested. Join our Unbox e-mail list.