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Unbox Online Academy

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Why Unbox Academy

You feel that you have a life path, personal goals, and a purpose to fulfil. However, you also want to feel that you are growing through this path with joy and ease, right? You want to feel happy, and bring balance into the life they create too. And, you are right, because when you are happy, you make a positive impact also on the lives of others around you.

My objective for starting The Unbox Academy is to support you on your life journey. For you to feel you are not alone, and that your life matters. This is why Unbox Academy will include free webinars and online courses to help you and encourage you to make a start at claiming your life back. I hope that you will find the courses empowering. And, what I wish for you is to find yourself in the driver seat of your life – and take charge of the life you are creating for yourself with joy and ease.

Also, my objective for the Unbox Academy is to help you re-connect with your life more deeply, and find positive support too. This is because when you do, you begin to feel this connection, you will start feeling connected to all aspects of your life, including nature and all sentient elements. Your awareness will grow from the inside out: from your inner world to your outer world too. 

Benefits To You

As your awareness grows, you feel that you are connected more deeply with your life. You feel that you are not alone, that you are supported on your journey. As a result, you become the “best version of yourself”. You also, begin to enjoy life as an interactive game where co-create what you desire in your life. Therefore, you are prepared to express your fullest potential.

Unbox mentoring with Sahar Huneidi-Palmer, published author, columnist, Holistic Therapist & Intuitive Mentor since 1992, is about getting you back on track with the life that you want to live. Unbox courses include topics such as love and relationships, meditation, and self-growth.

You Are Supported

Through Unbox Online Academy, you can learn at your own pace, learn how to unblock yourself; and find support along the way. Online video classes will be available soon in English and Arabic. Register your interest now to be invited at launch.

Live Group Q & A Sessions

Additionally, I hold regular live complimentary group Q&A sessions on zoom for Unboxers who complete online courses. So, you will always have 1-2-1 time with me to ask questions and clarify how your unboxing is progressing. Additionally, there are free resources on Sahar’s YouTube channel, blog, and Instagram. Also, I offer short online 1-2-1 workshops that might interest you – as a starting point. 

Webinars, Courses & Workshops

Soon, these workshops will be produced as an online course that you complete on your own, and at your own pace. Related materials, such as documents, PDF’s or exercises will also be available for you to download for free. If you are interested to see a new course, email me and let me know what subject would be of benefit to you. It gives me great pleasure to provide online courses that interest you.

Support Groups

Also, you can join her Unbox With Sahar Private Mentoring Group on FB. Just send a FB request to be invited. Sahar Huneidi-Palmer holds free webinars for the group. For updates and exclusive offers, please join Sahar’s Unbox Email list.