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Sahar Huneidi-Palmer is an experienced Life Path Mentor, Holistic Therapist, psychic, healer and best selling author.

For over 30 years, Sahar helped worldwide clients identify the root-cause of why they are blocked, and overcome life’s obstacles quickly and effectively.

Sahar’s Vision

Often, we seek the right solution for the wrong problem. We end up dressing the wound but not disinfecting it – uncovering or arriving at the root cause of our struggle. Life is cause and effect- interactive if you like. Are you aware that you are a creative consciousness?

You have the skills to create the life you want which leads to feeling happy and fulfilled. Unbox your potential.

  • We label difficult times as struggles, when they are an opportunity to pay attention to what we need to address, where we are out of alignment; to resolve these issues. This ‘struggle’ path leads us to happiness and fulfilment when we accept that our life is a consequence of how we operate. Enter self-awareness.
  • You will learn that nothing that happens to you in life is personal:
  • Beliefs attract experiences.
  • Beliefs are formed by repeated past emotional experiences, or traumas.
  • Actions are dictated by the belief system.
  • An unresolved issue will attract an opportunity to heal it.

Now, you can start this self-empowering life mentoring journey yourself!

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