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Insta-Clearing™ with Sahar

Insta-Clearing™ with Sahar

Clear Your Way!

Whether you are a busy professional, or an individual experiencing unbalanced life, sense of loss or being stuck and blocked, Insta-Clearing™ is a certain help at hand. With over 27 years’ experience in Holistic Wellness, I have invented a uniquely innovative, simple and systemic deep healing method that combines several modalities to access your subconscious mind, and bio-energetic field to identify and clear discordant energies, health blockages, negative programming, limiting ideas and beliefs, emotional state and financial abundance.

Insta-Clearing™ is designed to reset your life and bring about positive transformations. The results are influenced by a several factors including your current awareness and wellness state, issues of concern and their extent and duration in your life.

Four main areas to focus on and clear:

  1. Health & wellness,
  2. Financial Abundance,
  3. Work & Career, and
  4. Relationships & Love.

Each area requires a 1-hour session.


  • Become more “Free”, Clear and Vitalised.
  • Start putting your thoughts & energy into positive channels.
  • Enjoy enhanced personal awareness.
  • Received a findings short report afterwards.
  • Each area includes clearing, re-balancing and bio-energetic healing.

AED 1200. A self-assessment form will be emailed to you, please complete and email back before we begin the session.

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