Vibrational Me™ Numerology Master Class

Unbox Your Birth Date: Vibrational Me™

Know Yourself Through Numerology

Your date of birth reveals a great deal about you and your soul plan for this life time. Numbers that make up your date of birth signify your strengths, weaknesses and your life purpose? This is a fun online numerology workshop by trusted online Personal Mentor & Guide, Sahar Huneidi-Palmer. In this workshop, you will find out how numbers can give you a deeper insight into who you are. “I am passionate about vibrations and how they affect us. That is what numbers are. Each carry a vibration which also has a meaning.”

Vibrational Me™ offers you deep understanding of who you truly are, your life purpose, your task, goals, yearnings, ancestral gifts & constraints. This is a fun start to understanding your numerological makeup. Get to know your vibrational self through numerology and find out how well you know yourself. This private online workshop, a master class, with trusted online Unbox Life Path Mentor & Guide Sahar Huneidi-Palmer. It is guaranteed to give you deeper insights into your authentic identity, and lead you into a deeper level of self-awareness.  This helps you to start unboxing your potential by understanding various aspects of your makeup such as your life purposes, challenges, talents and assets. This introductory numerology workshop offers you clarity of life path & purpose, strengths & challenges; as well as talents and constraints which you’ve “inherited” through your ancestors!

Moreover, there are several free courses available to you on Unbox Life Academy. Life-time membership is free, and members are invited to monthly free webinars on self-growth and awareness.

Group Sessions:

If you are part of a group and interested in an online group workshop, please email me (minimum 2).

Skill Level:

All Levels. An online workshop is a Master Class where you get 1-0n-1 session with Sahar. Workshops are conducted online over zoom. Master class is recorded and link to the class will sent to you afterwards if you wish.


All material will be provided.

Validity Period:

All online workshops are valid for 30 days upon booking. No refunds.

Age Requirements:

18 years and older.

Additional Info:

There is an option for an extended session, 1 session x 2 hours which provide more in-depth information, and  where students will receive a complimentary Vibrational Me™ Numerology e-book upon completion of the class.


Online. All details will be sent to you upon registration & payment.


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