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Why I Am A Life Mentor

Meet Sahar - Raw & Real

From Victim To Self-Empowered

This is Sahar’s story into awareness and self-development. It is how she became self-empowered and guided to become a Life Path Mentor and started Sahar Palmer Life Coaching.

My journey helped me discover who I am and what my life purpose is. Certainly, the path was not easy, but I can honestly say it shaped my life and who I am.

It started in my early twenties when I was quite happy and excelling in my advertising career. However, suddenly, the disastrous Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait on the 2nd of August 1990, the country I grew up in; changed my life overnight. Moreover, this trauma threw me into uncontrollable chaos. At that moment, I realised instantly that the landscape had changed and that I needed to adapt and restart my life. But how?

As a result of such a life-changing trauma, I could not think clearly let alone decide which direction to take in life. I sought the advice of friends, and therapists I knew of, however, their advice was based on their own experience. And, it did not apply to me. Subsequently, as difficult as this time was, it forced me to consider what I wanted out of life. However, before I could accept what has happened, I needed time and space to find myself, to meet with myself; and find out what my life was about.

Life-Changing Decisions

So, this sudden change drove me to make dramatic changes and quickly. I decided to leave home and my family and moved to England. I did not have a clue then of how I was going to support myself. Consequently, I left my successful career behind, and my search for answers eventually lead me to become a professional psychic. It felt good to be acknowledged three times as “One of the Best 100 Psychics in the World”. Also, I followed my guiding star and became a published author and a monthly Life Coach Columnist since 2004. In due course, I appeared on BBC 2; London’s LBC radio and received regular press coverage from various magazines including Woman’s Own, and London’s Evening Standard.

To date, I have helped thousands of clients to become self-empowered, worldwide, and guided them towards a happier, more fulfilled life by raising their awareness and guiding their self-development. Actually, they guided me in turn, further along, my unfolding path towards mentoring. Please watch the two videos on this page for more of my story. It may inspire you to reflect on your life journey and uncover what your life purpose is. In hindsight, what was a big challenge and a crisis, turned out to be a major positive turning point in my life.

I am grateful for it because I felt self-empowering and activated my own inner guidance. I felt I had what I needed, my compass, and this is what I needed!

Looking For Answers

The clue for awareness and looking for answers is asking the right questions. Certainly, I searched for answers to how can I “control” the outcome of my life. And how can I be in charge? In short, this led me to study several holistic modalities over the following years, and eventually to developing my own transformational process that I call Unbox The Real You™ with Sahar.

What has also helped me is becoming aware of what my core beliefs were. For instance, one of my core beliefs, as a result of this undulating life journey, is that our life is like a movie. If we don’t like the script – we can change it!

Most importantly, I experienced positive changes in my life. The secret to realising your goals (or making them real), is alignment. Once you are in alignment; guidance from “higher intelligence”, for your highest good, always flows when needed. And, that it comes at the level of awareness that you are at. The more your awareness develops, the more crustal clear guidance is available to you. Additionally, the more options you have to build the next phase of your life.

Your Guiding Star

Moreover, the best thing you can experience is this. When you reach a higher level of awareness, it ignites what I call your Guiding Star. A guiding star is your own inner sense of knowing that acts as a compass, and stays with you throughout your life. I believe it is actually your source of feeling self-empowered! As a result, I learnt how we manifest our life desires with ease. And, I started drawing possibilities to me; instead of struggling to realise my goals.

In summary, my path was not easy. However, the journey was thoroughly delightful and thrilling! Additionally, I learnt that there is no one magic bullet answer to life’s problems. Growth and self-empowerment is a rewarding process. The more you apply your awareness to everyday life, the more you become in charge of your life. More importantly, we become wiser by undergoing this unfolding self-awareness process.

Paying It Forward

I pay it forward by offering Free webinars & courses on subjects like Attracting a Sustainable Relationships, and How to Unbox Your Brighter Future; in Unbox Life Academy. Life-time membership is free.

Moving Forward

In 1990, my life changed dramatically overnight, which sent me on a quest to understand and live my best life. On that journey, I have endured the loss of my father, brother, beloved husband and, more recently, my mother. I learnt about personal resilience first-hand having to restart my life each time, rising like a phoenix from the ashes to find a deeper meaning and renewed purpose.
So, in 2004 I started podcasting to help my clients develop a higher soul perspective to their lives. Unbox The Podcast empowers listeners to become more deeply aware of how our daily lives shape and create our life journey. Understanding that when we release our limitations and come out of the box, we can make real the life we desire, feel free and full of joy.

I had uncovered my core beliefs in life, having been tested by life many times over! Now, however, are you ready to activate and commit to transforming your life? The rewards are numerous. As an experienced life mentor, who is available online; I can guide and support you on your journey.

I promise you that you will self-empowered & guided, you will start living joyfully with ease and grace. I have the experience, the right tools, and sharp intuition to help you Unbox The Real You™. I hope that your life will transform; as well as that of loved ones around, as mine did!

My Interests

My instincts are creative. I write Poetry (Arabic & English), play the piano, enjoy gardening, and blending Organic Essential Oils. I have developed Andrew’s Oil Organic Skin Therapy, when caring for my beloved husband whom I lost to cancer; and looking to promote it soon!. I ❤️ Turkish Coffee!

  • Sahar is an exceptional woman. She has a logical answer to any question you may have, better yet, she can tell what your question is before you even ask her. She’s is extremely knowledgeable in her field, kind and passionate and have taught me so much in so little time. Her meditation sessions are like nothing I’ve been to before. Everything she says or does is backed my logic and valid experiences. I feel very blessed and lucky to have met her.

    Rola Khadra – Freelance Art Director

  • Sahar, thank you so much for your webinars they are life changing, you give it your all and it’s evident that you are passionate about what you do. You really have left an imprint on peoples’ lives. Me being one of them and for that I am so grateful ❤️

    Ibtihal ABU JARAD, Interior Decorator – Founder of Dazzling Designs

  • Sahar brings some useful and practical tools to the table that will help you to see your life or relationship so you can make simple changes that have big effects. You stand in your own power of choice. Sahar prompts you to create your own actions and outcomes, to create or re-write your own story.

    Angela Orriel DELGLYN, Online Coach – angeladelglyn.com

  • Sahar made rethink my priorities in life and look forward in a very positive way. Thank you so much and wish you all the best. ❤️

    Buthaina SINJAB, Business Owner – UK

  • Sahar is a seasoned healer for over 30 years.. she is integral no BS kinda gal and straight to the point. Iv learned so much with her in my Tarot course simply loved it! Keep up the good work! The world needs you 🙏🏻💞🧚🏼‍♂️

    Katrina Valente – Leading Expert in Holistic Wellness & Beauty