Navigate life's challenges with me by your side. Find the freedom and joy in making the right decisions.

Self-development is a lifelong journey of growth and discovery. By tapping into your own unique essence and intuition, we’ll unravel the source of what can be holding you back. Together we’ll find tangible solutions to help you realign with your life purpose, fulfil your natural potential, and fully enjoy your life.


Navigate life's challenges with me by your side. Find the freedom and joy in making the right decisions.

Self-development is a lifelong journey of growth and discovery. By tapping into your own unique essence and intuition, we’ll unravel the source of what can be holding you back. Together we’ll find tangible solutions to help you realign with your life purpose, fulfil your natural potential, and fully enjoy your life.

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Unbox Readings

A transformative bird’s-eye view of your life map. Unbox Life Path Readings™ with psychic Sahar blends intuition, tarot, numerology, and life mentoring. An insightful session that unveils your life's roadmap, presenting possibilities and strategic "exit signs”; empowering you to navigate your unique life journey with confidence.

1:1 Session

One hour together, online or in-person. An action-oriented all-year plan. Place your order, and I will contact you to arrange a time.


Tailored Mentoring

Unbox The Real You™ uncovers your true potential. My long experience, intuition, holistic approach, and wisdom, guarantees you personalised guidance and rapid personal growth. Find your joy!

1:1 Online or in-person

Complete Unbox online assessment and book your discovery consultation. I will contact you to arrange your appointment.


Holistic Wellbeing

Heal and transform with empowering Unbox Wellbeing™ holistic products. Get clarity and balance across your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

Empower yourself!

1. Sound Essences©: Raise and restore your vibe!
2. Bach Flower Remedies Custom Blend: heal emotions, release negativity
3. Andrew’s Oil: nurtures your body and boosts immunity


What’s different?

People often ask me what’s different about my approach. Simply explained, it’s intuition. I look at people in terms of their multidimensional, whole selves - almost like a matrix. I watch, I listen, I observe, and I use my intuition and experience to identify which dimension we need to work on to unblock your path. That’s where my intuition comes in to tap into your intuition and guide you.

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— About Me

Feel free and full of joy!

Welcome to my world of Unbox With Sahar™. A space that’s not just about guidance but a genuine sharing from the heart. A safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore, share, and grow without fear. Your journey is yours, and I’m here to guide and support.

I’m Sahar, and my own journey has been shaped by the raw experiences of loss, displacement, wars, and the resilience needed to start anew and welcome in joy. It’s not an advertisement —it’s a heartfelt invitation, an opportunity to embark on your journey together, gain a deeper understanding; and tackle the vulnerabilities that often go unnoticed —the key to true self-empowerment.

My background, my experience, the kind of life I’ve lived equips me to feel what others could be feeling and, to be able to relate to their situation. Join me as I draw from the profound wisdom gained through enduring life’s trials. Together, let’s unravel your struggle, find not just solutions, but a path towards joy. A renewed sense of purpose guided by compassion and understanding.

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Clients' Success Stories

I have known Sahar for a long time. She has a kind heart, a beautiful soul, a warm smile and an amazing laugh. In whatever she does, she gives her all from her heart . Tries to help people heal, improve, be better humans. I’m enjoying her Unbox Homestay series so much. It’s helping me deal with what we are going through these days. Love you Sahar.
Thank you so much for the email reading- it was very accurate and helpful. I find it easier to absorb information when it's written down so thank you for taking the time to do that. I think this was probably your most accurate reading to date for me…So now I am much more focused - well done!
London, UK
I still listen to your tape and yes events have transpired since my last reading by you. Firstly, Sahar thank you for being there for me as whenever I would feel low, I would play your tape and it would motivate me.
Dubai, UAE
Thank you, Sahar, thank you for believing in me and pushing me towards a brighter future. By the way I did the meditation again, and every time I feel a bit better. Lots of love
Jeddah, KSA
It was wonderful to see you yesterday, inspirational as ever, only wish I could carry you round in my pocket!!
London, UK
I would like to thank you for your time with us both; it would be impossible to forget you and the manner in which you touched our lives.
Was a great session i enjoyed ,I totally recommend Sahar.
H. Omer
Dubai, UAE
من الجميل أن تلتقي بأرواح طيبة وتتلمس جمال قلوبهم وذلك من خلال نشر رسائل الوعي والحب والتسامح ومساعدة الآخرين .. بارك الله لكم أيتها الروح الطيبة .. تحياتي وامتناني لكم عزيزتي سحر ????????It is nice to meet good souls and feel the beauty of their hearts by spreading messages of awareness, love, tolerance and helping others..May God bless you, good spirit ... Greetings and gratitude to you, dear Sahar
Dubai, UAE
I tried a session with Sahar and found it very helpful. Step one towards understanding myself and what really stops me from growing. I needed to talk to someone and sort my mind turmoil with a professional. "The heart is closer to the body than mind” , she said. I was focusing too much on the intellectual part thinking it was right to live that way, Mind over heart but I was happy to discover were I went wrong and I believe this realisation alone will help me a lot.
Salha Al Jaberi
Dubai, UAE
Sahar is very supportive and loves her work; she does it in a perfect way. Highly recommended to speak with Sahar. If you need help, she will help you ????
Mona Khaled
I had a session with Ms Sahar and totally satisfied about it, I really felt different although I had sessions and courses before with others. Her words stayed in my mind and for the first time I start practicing, I was previously just collecting information without a real practice but her words were like magic..thank you Ms Sahar ❤
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Apart from her exceptional abilities, she has a keen mind and a good sense of humour... Sahar Huneidi you really helped me #unbox a lot. I recommend everyone to try #unboxing themselves with amazing support from one of the best. Sahar Huneidi-Palmer, I appreciate what you do and the support you provided me with, it’s amazing how it made things more clear for me. ???????? thank you
KK Al Qutob
Her thoughtfulness and intent listening skills are beyond words. Sahar gives feedback in such a helpful way and actually helped me in many aspects of my life, including personal and professional. Her generosity in both sessions and her time is also very commendable. I definitely recommend her services!
Suzana Agha
Sahar is exactly what I needed to regain that focus I've been missing. She helped me help myself see things from a different angle. Like a camera, I have been placing the lens too close that the view becomes blurry and out of focus. A session with Sahar helped me fix that. I look forward to working with Sahar to transform myself.
Elvita Haff
I was really impressed with Sahar, she was incredibly perceptive. It's really strange to meet someone for the first time who can so accurately pick out your character traits. She was extremely positive. I do feel motivated to act on her advice. I would definitely go back to see her and have recommended a friend to book an appointment
Freddy D
This was my third session with you and as always, I'm inspired. Your sessions move me beyond hopes and dreams and into taking actions that will allow me to step into the bigness of my life. Thank you!! With love & blessing
Sharri Harmel, Coach
You are right on, to what's happening in my life, but more than that, I so appreciate (and require) the tools you've passed on, to do what I need to do. I have to digest it all, yet I know this is the best session I have ever, ever had. I am so grateful for hearing the words right now, that I need to hear, on so many levels. I'll be in touch, but for now I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I certainly will be passing on people to you. Much love
Jewell. St.James, author
I was really happily surprised with our session starting with discussing my personal issues and career. Thank you for enlightening me and for the homework you gave me to fix my problems. The faith u inspired within me by instilling that we make our destiny. Thank you for your valuable help, great perspectives and vision.
Mrs. B
I started my sessions with Sahar in 2011, and I can't express enough how great and inspiring the sessions have always been. Her guidance, advice, and wisdom always encouraging me to change for the better and to increase my awareness. Today I am a different person and I admit that it is largely due to my "Guru" Sahar. Thank you Sahar and I wish the best in your life and career. You are a wonderful and amazing soul. love and light.
I always thought that I was one of those people who don’t remember their dreams. I never recalled my dreams until I had a session with Sahar on Dream recall. Ever since I now remember my dreams. I thought my husband and now he remembers his dreams too. Thank you.
Rana Khadra
Thank You Sahar today was amazing – again! It has been nothing but a blessed journey that I am glad I am sharing it with the class.
Thank you Sahar. So many questions were answered in today’s meditation! Lovely group energy and started dreaming again.
Yulia Borkar
Many thanks for your time this morning. You’ve given me fresh energy and focus. It’s refreshing.
You are a miracle worker and all your work on each of us has such deep and important affects. I feel very blessed to have been introduced to you and in total admiration of the amazing gifts you have both been given and developed in this life. I don't know many people who have such worthwhile talents in this world. Thank you for all that you give.
E. E.
I feel that coming to see you gave me the clarity and the push I needed to move forward in my life. I have been trying to invoke and asking for what I want. Now, everything changed especially my outlook on life. Thank you.
K. Shaw
I just wanted to let you know that your session has had a deep effect on my life and I will always remember what you have done for me. You have a wonderful gift and it is lovely that you help people so much in your readings.
Kelly C.
I was actually looking for some guidance on a project that I have been working on for about a year and a half that so far has not paid me anything. You did not disappoint. Everything you said was as if you have been by my side watching me for that time and knowing every move I have made. Thank you for your concern and the insight of your gift.
David W.
I know you believe the potential for these things is what is within us but it still takes someone special to bring it out and you are that person. There is never a day goes by when your influence does not cross my mind at some point. Thank you so very much, kind regards, always.
Gary G.
Many thanks for making your wonderful gift available to me yesterday and for sharing your insights. It was a truly memorable experience and I shall take good heed of your advice. With love and best wishes.
London, UK
My wife and daughter and I are soon going to leave Dubai for good as we make our way to Australia. I would like to thank you for your time with us both; it would be impossible to forget you and the manner in which you touched our lives. Should you ever travel down under, we will be delighted to be your hosts as you will be welcome in our home... wherever it maybe.
Dubai, UAE
Dear Sahar, It was wonderful to see you yesterday, inspirational as ever, only wish I could carry you round in my pocket!
London, UK
Sahar is a seasoned healer for over 30 years.. she is integral no BS kinda gal and straight to the point. Iv learned so much with her in my Tarot course simply loved it! Keep up the good work! The world needs you ?‍♂️
Katrina Valente
Leading Expert in Holistic Wellness & Beauty
I really need a serious excuse not to attend Monday’s Meditation with Sahar. Every time I discover new me - I’m capable of so much indeed! It’s an amazing experience guided by Sahar. She is fantastic professional, wize and patient mentor! I love what she is doing!
Anna Kan
FaceFitness Coach
Sahar is one of a kind. Her sessions are so different that what we see out there. You get so much out of just one hour with her. Sahar taught me the true power of the mind. After just 3-4 sessions I became more intuitive, I see things I never knew I could, I believe in myself more and I’m making big changes to my life. She’s also kind, passionate and is genuinely interested to help.
Rana Khadra
Regional Colour Marketing Manager at Jotun Middle East, India and Africa (MEIA)
Sahar, thank you so much for your webinars they are life changing, you give it your all and it’s evident that you are passionate about what you do. You really have left an imprint on peoples’ lives. Me being one of them and for that I am so grateful ❤️
Interior Decorator – Founder of Dazzling Designs
Sahar brings some useful and practical tools to the table that will help you to see your life or relationship so you can make simple changes that have big effects. You stand in your own power of choice. Sahar prompts you to create your own actions and outcomes, to create or re-write your own story.
Angela Orriel DELGLYN
Online Coach –
Sahar made rethink my priorities in life and look forward in a very positive way. Thank you so much and wish you all the best. ❤️
Buthaina SINJAB
Business Owner – UK
I would recommend Sahar to anyone looking for a genuine and passionate life mentor & coach.
Haifa Addas
CEO and founder of
Whether it was serendipity or like-mindedness that got us together with the Sahar; I know that it was the best thing we ever did.
Cyba Audi
CEO & Founder of Saba Communication Consultants
Sahar's gentle yet powerful voice when she explains facts and issues is just amazing. I consider Sahar a friend who is compassionate, genuine and level headed. She can always be counted on to listen and provide support. Her life experiences, the ups and downs she has gone through, have made her who she is today.
Janan Kardouch
Power house Mum
The best consultant I have met on my path.
Gaetano Vivo
Author & Reiki Master
Sahar is an amazing person who brings insight and clarity to the big picture. She has a very personable manner and can communicate across many cultures. Integrity is key to Sahar’s core values and I would highly recommend her services, advice and all round life coaching skills.
Emma Coker
Global Sales Effectiveness and Enablement Manager
Sahar is like the oxygen you breathe. She is sound, healing and has the gift of sight. One dose of Sahar and you are an addict for life. Sahar has a gift - she has helped me on deep emotional issues ,made me aware of my strengths, given me confidence and is able to guide with her gift of "seeing". I travel country to country to see Sahar - an appointment with Sahar is truly a powerful experience. I feel privileged to have Sahar in my Life!
Tikvah Abro
Former Owner, Designer, Buyer at Tiklee Clothing
Sahar has been a great guide for me in times of confusion & despair. She is a fountain of knowledge & has a heart of gold. She has helped me through two tough times by shedding light on where I was stuck. I am also honoured & blessed to have her in my life as a work colleague & dear friend.
Nathalie Khalaf
Holistic Therapist
Sahar Huneidi has a unique ability to see beyond the mundane view. She provides insight and clarity that helps her clients find their way forward on their true path. I highly recommend her work!
Asandra Lamb
Author of Contact Your Spirit Guides & Artist
Sahar is an exceptional woman. She has a logical answer to any question you may have, better yet, she can tell what your question is before you even ask her. She’s is extremely knowledgeable in her field, kind and passionate and have taught me so much in so little time. Her meditation sessions are like nothing I’ve been to before. Everything she says or does is backed my logic and valid experiences. I feel very blessed and lucky to have met her.
Rola Khadra
Freelance Art Director
Sahar Huneidi is a rare find, a jewel amongst pebbles. She is an extraordinary mentor & Spiritual DIY Expert. She has in her heart a gift that helps to empathize, calibrate and heal her clients as they cease to stagger and begin to walk their rightful destiny.
Stewart Pearce
Author, Master of Voice & Sound Alchemist
Sahar is an incredible intuitive. Her deep understanding of how blockages and patterns prevent us from progressing with our soul’s work, was instrumental in helping me clear some of my repetitive behaviour. She helped me see the things that were enfolding in my life from a different perspective and cleared my blockages so I could move forward. Working with her was enlightening and filled me with hope for my future.
Snezana Nancy Richardson
Translation and Localization Expert
I have known Sahar for over 30 years. She is an amazing intuitive and empath who has so many skills in her toolbox that go beyond expectations on so many levels. Not only is her incisive advice well-grounded, logical and scientific her breadth of knowledge of the mind, body and spirit gives me (and I'm sure would for you) a sense of calm and excitement when I uncover a block, see a potential new approach or just getting a kick to get on with something ..... she is fabulous.
Susan Hunter
CEO, Susan Hunter Consultancy Limited
Sahar is extremely knowledgeable in teaching the connections between mind, body and spirit and has spent many years in these fields teaching and mentoring the fortunate recipients of her wisdom. Thank you Sahar.
Merryn Jose
Editor/Publisher at Merlian News LLC
Niki Mehta
Niki Mehta
13 March 2024
Sahar has been doing my life readings since 10 years and so grateful for her guidance wisdom and she leads by example. So grateful for everything
Nikita Desai
Nikita Desai
8 September 2023
Sahar is truly gifted and she clarifies so many thi gs which helps us be on the correct path and she provides brilliant insights and information that can truly improve our life and thinking and ensure we get what we truly deserve and fulfill the purpose for which we are here !!I recommend that one must definitely have a session with her and have her as a guide and mentor that will change your life for the better !!
Babita Fine Artist
Babita Fine Artist
15 August 2023
Amazing session with Sahar! I was in confusion and conflicted on my life path, she brought light to my personal strengths and the gifts I hold and encouraged to view myself in a way i haven’t before. Sahar helped me clarify simple steps to achieve my ultimate goals! Thank you!
Dipali Shah
Dipali Shah
26 May 2023
Sahar re-set me and guided me back to the place I need to be, rather than dwelling in a place I don't need or want to be in. I recommend seeing Sarah for anyone going through a change, facing a decision or simply just not feeling grounded / balanced
Mariam MA
Mariam MA
3 May 2023
She was amazing , informative ,patient , generous with her time exact in time ,and welly to explain . Great experience 🙏🏻
Jad Mourad
Jad Mourad
18 March 2023
Excellent. I cannot recommend more highly!
Kinda Salaam
Kinda Salaam
1 February 2023
Sahar is amazing- I felt stuck before meeting with her and she really helped simplify a lot of overwhelm and clutter in my mind to help me re-focus and gain more clarity on my current life and how I can live my life at my full potential. She addressed specific questions I had on certain areas and provided me with a clear pathway to move forward! Thank you Sahar, will definitely be checking in with you again very soon !!
Linda Paul
Linda Paul
27 June 2022
I highly recommend Sahar as one of the top experts on her field. I initially saw her decades ago and at the time I would never have imagined what she shared with me regarding my blueprint would actualize as it was far from relatable to the circumstances in my life. All of what she told me actually happened...she was spot on! She is direct, warm and has an incredible sense of humor. Take my word and do not think twice abt making your booking with her.
Akiko Tsubouchi
Akiko Tsubouchi
17 May 2022
Sahar has supported me, my family and my friends for more than 15 years as a mentor. She is caring, affectionate and always filled with positive energy. She is professional and gives us right advice, opportunity to realize what is the tendency of our way of thinking. Also, she is always with us when we have issues, difficult times. Therefore, we can feel strong and look forward. I can’t count how many times she helped us..! With her guide and advice, I have been able to believe myself and developed my career, made good decision in my personal life. All of my family trust her and really appreciate her support. I definitely recommend Sahar to everyone who are in difficult situations or would like to open up a new path of life.
Lorraine Greenwood
Lorraine Greenwood
5 May 2022
Sahar is amazing, warm and welcoming. Her advice and foresight is not only comforting but so very accurate. Thank you as always Sahar xx


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Embark on a continuous journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Join Unbox workshop and development circles with Sahar and unlock a world of personal growth and transformative learning.
Soon, online courses will be available too.
Get instant access to Sahar’s Whatsapp channel for daily support & inspiration.
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