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Hello! I help people define their intention, and mentor them on how to focus, and move around in time and space to actually heal their blockages and manifest the future they have chosen into this reality, rapidly.

Named three times as “One of The Best 100 Psychics in The World”, I have helped over 14,000 clients worldwide to identify what is blocking their life, get unstuck and become the master of their destiny.

As an intuitive Life Path Mentor, I offer guidance through psychic Life Readings, Unbox The Real You™ holistic mentoring packages, healing, Bach flower remedies, essential oil blends and vibrational healing. I guide clients to fulfil their potential by shifting their mindset from “victim” to “empowered creator” of the life they desire. Moreover, vibrational healing. I teach self-awareness through FREE online Unbox Academy.

My mentoring process  is unique: Unbox The Real You and is based on my methodology – The Four Dimensions of Change, which helps you unblock and align your being with your purpose. It is the result of nearly three decades of experience. My intention is to inspire you to feel empowered by developing a holistic sense of self-awareness and a deeper connection with who you truly are.

*The Best 100 Psychics in The World”, by Hans Holzer – Author & Paranormal Investigator.

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Sahar is published author, columnist, podcaster, healer, and a motivator since 1992. She appeared on BBC 2; London’s LBC radio and received regular press coverage from various magazines including Woman’s Own, and London’s Evening Standard. Release your anxiety about the future, and learn how to become the master of your own destiny.

Personal Resilience

In 1990, my life changed dramatically overnight, which sent me on a quest to understand and live my best life. On that journey, I have endured the loss of my father, brother, beloved husband and, more recently, my mother. I learnt about personal resilience first-hand having to restart my life each time, rising like a phoenix from the ashes to find a deeper meaning and renewed purpose. Understanding that when we release our limitations and come out of the box, we can make real the life we desire, feel free and full of joy.

Are You Happy And Fulfilled?

Are you happy and fulfilled with your life? If you are struggling, unhappy, and don’t know why; I can help you to quickly identify what is blocking your life and show you how you can feel free, and live in joy. 

You may feel unsatisfied with your relationship or work, however, often a block in one area of your life is a reflection or a symptom of a block in another aspect. You are body, emotions, mind, and action. Therefore, blocks can be physical, emotional, or mental. The answer is not to just focus on solving a specific issue, or symptom, in one aspect. But, we need to consider the whole and bring all aspects into alignment. As a result, is that you will feel a greater positive transformation in your life. 

Here is my promise to you: if you decide to mentor with me, I promise to release your blocks and free you of your struggle. You will have clarity, feel less anxious, and learn how to be the master of your destiny. 

What Is A Life Mentor?

A life mentor is someone who has life experience, has been where you are now, has wisdom and is resourceful. A Life Mentor has relevant life experiences which you can benefit from directly. Moreover, a Life Mentor is someone who works with integrity, and you can trust to guide you in the right direction when you are struggling because they have been there. My 28-year experience as a professional intuitive, life coach, energy healer, and holistic therapist is what makes me a unique life mentor who can Unbox your fullest potential.


Your time is your life. My life has led me to develop my own process to help you identify where you are blocked, to heal the past, and get you back on track quickly. I would like to support you by sharing my long experience, know-how and knowledge; so that you can make the best of your life. When you feel stuck, nothing you try works; and if it does, the change is temporary; this means that The Four Dimensions of Transformation out of alignment, and this makes you feel unfulfilled and unhappy. However, when you are in alignment, all aspects are balanced and functioning well. This means that your true self-expression, real identity, talents, and abilities unfold naturally. You would be able to achieve your life goals easily.


How Can A Holistic Online Life Mentor Help You

Unbox Mentoring can be the perfect opportunity for you to jumpstart your life, get clarity right away, and get back on track; because the cornerstone of Unbox Mentoring is The Four Dimensions of Change, which make up who you are: Your Body, Emotions, Mind and belief system, and Accountability to actions. Unbox mentoring is holistic and helps you release your limitations. Moreover, it connects you more deeply with your core values and true self. You will begin to align with your path & purpose and feel fulfilled.

Additionally, Unbox life mentoring is online. Unbox mentoring is my unique customised, tested and proven self-transformational process. You can start anytime, no matter what your issues are. All you need is your commitment!

FREE Holistic Life Mentoring Resources 

I am passionate about helping you enjoy your life journey! You will also learn how to unbox yourself whenever you feel stuck or confused. I chose the name Unbox because every life journey is unique. Whatever is holding you back can be unblocked, or Unboxed. This is why my sessions are tailor-made to fit your Unbox goals and budget. If you are committed to self-development, I am here to guide you. Alternatively, if your circumstances do not allow for private mentoring do not give up! There are plenty of FREE resources available on my social media platforms, which you can learn about Unbox from. You can also join Unbox Academy for free, for life.


Now, ask yourself: Is your life worth getting right? If so, take the first step and find your joy now. Complete your assessment and let us talk.

Success Stories

  • Sahar is extremely knowledgeable in teaching the connections between mind, body and spirit and has spent many years in these fields teaching and mentoring the fortunate recipients of her wisdom. Thank you Sahar.  

    Merryn Jose – Editor/Publisher at Merlian News LLC

  • I have known Sahar for over 30 years. She is an amazing intuitive and empath who has so many skills in her toolbox that go beyond expectations on so many levels. Not only is her incisive advice well-grounded, logical and scientific her breadth of knowledge of the mind, body and spirit gives me (and I'm sure would for you) a sense of calm and excitement when I uncover a block, see a potential new approach or just getting a kick to get on with something ..... she is fabulous.

    Susan Hunter – CEO, Susan Hunter Consultancy Limited

  • Sahar is an incredible intuitive. Her deep understanding of how blockages and patterns prevent us from progressing with our soul’s work, was instrumental in helping me clear some of my repetitive behaviour. She helped me see the things that were enfolding in my life from a different perspective and cleared my blockages so I could move forward. Working with her was enlightening and filled me with hope for my future.

    Snezana Nancy Richardson – Translation and Localization Expert

  • The first time I had a session with Sahar I felt very strange after...I had been to a lot of mentors before and I always finished feeling...fluffy...with Sahar I felt ‘uncomfortable’ - in the positive sense that she pushed me out of my comfort zone...told me things about myself I had never dared face before...and I remember finishing the session...just really in shock. Months passed and I took her advice and worked on the elements she said. My life changed. I stopped going to other ‘mentors’ and I say this because she is much more than that. She is a teacher, a coach and a guide. Sure she has insight about matters but there’s so much more than that. Sahar taught me that I can choose and change my destiny and gave me the tools. I now see her at least once every few weeks and I look forward to growing, developing and also receiving all me desires more and more. I am so grateful to have met her.

    Rasha Mansour – Commercial Revenue Specialist

  • Sahar is a true mentor - she coaches, she supports, and she advises. Her many years of experience, combined with her intuition, make her someone you can go to in times of trouble confident that you will leave with a calm mind and a clear path ahead. Thanks to Sahar's knowledge and - even more importantly - her highly developed intuition, she quickly identifies what's blocking you then helps you shift perspective to make positive changes. What's amazing is the speed at which it is done. She is a star!

    Zakia Demaghelatrous – CEO and Founder of Quantum Gals Consultancy

  • Sahar Huneidi is a rare find, a jewel amongst pebbles. She is an extraordinary mentor & Spiritual DIY Expert. She has in her heart a gift that helps to empathize, calibrate and heal her clients as they cease to stagger and begin to walk their rightful destiny.

    Stewart Pearce – Author, Master of Voice & Sound Alchemist