Workshops by Sahar Huneidi-Palmer, Personal Mentor & Guide

Vibrational Me™ Numerology

Know Yourself Through Numbers

This is a fun numerology workshop by personal Mentor & Guide, Sahar Huneidi-Palmer.

In this workshop, you will find out how numbers can give you a deeper insight into who you are. I am passionate about vibrations and how they affect us. That is what numbers are. Each carry a vibration which also has a meaning.

Vibrational Me™ offers you deep understanding of who you truly are, your your life purpose, your task, goals, yearnings, ancestral gifts & constraints. This is a fun start to understanding your numerological makeup. Get to know your vibrational self through numerology and find out how well you know yourself.

This workshop is guaranteed to give you deeper insights into your authentic identity, and lead you into a deeper level of self-awareness which can help you start unboxing your potential by understanding various aspects of your makeup such as your life purposes, challenges, talents and assets.

This is an introductory workshop which offers you clarity of life path, purpose, strengths & challenges; as well as talents and constraints which you’ve “inherited” through ancestors!

AED 1100. 1 session X 1 hour.
Please contact me to arrange this workshop as one-on-one.

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Sleep On It! The Power of Dreaming

Understand Your Own Dream Language

Sahar Palmer, Personal Mentor and Guide, truly believes that dreams are the language of the mind. “I truly believe that no self-development, growth, or awareness journey is complete without working your dreams”.

Dreams reflect your own fears, hopes, beliefs and how you process your life. They also represent 30% of your life! While there is a universal language to dreams, your own dream language is personal and specific to you; and that’s why your dreams can offer you valuable insights.

The more you work with your dreams, the more you will become aware of how you operate in your life, and what you need to address and work on. A dream can give you the opportunity to heal, understand and integrate your life experiences.


Dreams can offer a crystal-clear and invaluable insights into who The Real You is and help guide your life.

You will learn how to:

  • Interpret universal and personal symbols
  • Direct your dreams
  • Develop our own dream dictionary
  • Interpret your own dreams.

All material will be provided. Previous experience is not necessary. Bring a recent dream, or two.

AED 1200. Please Contact me to arrange date.
All material will be provided.
You will be able to download PDF’s and keep them.

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BEMA: The Four Dimensions of Personal Change

Shift From Chaos to Harmony

Find the purpose of your life and align your goals to follow the path you are destined for! The Four Dimensions of Change are the key to this alignment, which the instructor defines as Body, Emotions, Mind and Accountability of Actions (BEMA). As your awareness progresses, BEMA becomes the mechanism that helps you stay in alignment with your life path and purpose.

You will understand how The Four Dimensions of Personal Change are always present and interact within you to induce changes that result in either greater chaos and pain where life seems to be discordant and out of control and one where you perceive yourself as “victim”; or enhance your own level of awareness and direct your own experiences towards living in harmony, with ease and joy.

In a world that is forever changing, accessing your authentic self becomes important to take away the fear of change and to give hope to the dreams you aspire to.

You will learn how to:

  • Activate your Four Dimensions of Change.
  • Self-assess each of your Four Dimensions of Change.
  • Come up with a plan to align and shift your life into harmony and joy.

A pre-workshop assessment form will be emailed to you. Please complete and email back before your session begins.
AED 1200.

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Insta-Clearing™ with Sahar

Clear Your Way!

Whether you are a busy professional, or an individual experiencing unbalanced life, sense of loss or being stuck and blocked, Insta-Clearing™ is a certain help at hand. With over 27 years’ experience in Holistic Wellness, I have invented a uniquely innovative, simple and systemic deep healing method that combines several modalities to access your subconscious mind, and bio-energetic field to identify and clear discordant energies, health blockages, negative programming, limiting ideas and beliefs, emotional state and financial abundance.

Insta-Clearing™ is designed to reset your life and bring about positive transformations. The results are influenced by a several factors including your current awareness and wellness state, issues of concern and their extent and duration in your life.

Four main areas to focus on and clear:

  1. Health & wellness,
  2. Financial Abundance,
  3. Work & Career, and
  4. Relationships & Love.

Each area requires a 1-hour session.


  • Become more “Free”, Clear and Vitalised.
  • Start putting your thoughts & energy into positive channels.
  • Enjoy enhanced personal awareness.
  • Received a findings short report afterwards.
  • Each area includes clearing, re-balancing and bio-energetic healing.

AED 1200. A self-assessment form will be emailed to you, please complete and email back before we begin the session.

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Unboxing The Fool's Journey

Tarot for Self-transformation

Are you at cross-roads and don’t know what’s next? Do you want more out of your life? Then this is the right program for you! Together, we will explore your life-journey through the symbolic journey of the Fool from Zero to Hero. You will be led through this original and creative program to deepen your awareness and activate your self-transformation.

The Tarot tells a story of self-transformation through the trials & tribulations of The Fool Archetype; the first card represented by the number zero. He starts his life-journey, like you and me, with a blank canvas taking risks into the unknown. Gradually, the journey gradually transforms him from Zero to Hero and The World becomes as his oyster. The Fool’s journey, will challenge your perspective and deepen the understanding of your own life journey allowing The Real You to emerge. No previous knowledge is neccessary.

You will learn:

  • About the meaning of numbers.
  • The Major Arcana and how to use to elevate your awareness.
  • About dreams.
  • Deep insights into your own journey.
  • Be guided through creative meditation.

Please Contact me to arrange date.
All material will be provided.
You will be able to download PDF’s and keep them.

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All workshops are held in person, one-on-one, or online in a small group, or anytime when four people are interested.
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