Play It By Numbers

Know Yourself Through Numerology

Playing it by Numbers is a fun start into Numerology and self-awareness. This workshop is guaranteed to lead you into a deeper level of self-awareness and self-development! It can help you start Unboxing by understanding various vibrational aspects of your make up, such as your life purpose, and challenges and assests. Numbers have a vibrational meaning that give you deeper insights.

The first people to explore numerology in ancient times were The Chaldeans, often referred to as the Babylonians, who established a correlation between numbers and universal vibrations (and sounds). The Greek philosopher Pythagoras studied Chaldean Numerology in Babylon, while he was a prisoner of the Persians and took it to a new level relating numbers to letters.

In this workshop, you will understand the vibrations and meaning of your date of birth, your address, and your name; gaining a deeper understanding of your, your life path & purpose, strengths & challenges as well as what you’ve “inherited” through ancestrs! Please contact me for more information.

Sleep On It!

Understand The Language of Your Dreams

Dreams are the language of the mind! I truly believe that no self-development or awareness journey is complete without working your dreams. Dreams not only reflect your own fears, hopes, and how you process your life; they also represent 30% of your life-time. Dreams can offer a crystal-clear and invaluable insights inot who The Real You is.

Got an issue and looking for answers? Sleep on it! The more you work with your dreams, the more you will become aware of how you operate your life, the more you will find there is more to know and experience. A dream can give you the opportunity to heal, understand and integrate your experiences allowing your responses, actions, or the decisions you make to evolve too. When the next experience comes around; you’d be fully aware and in command of creating a new desirable outcome.

Please Contact me to arrange date. All material will be provided. You will be able to download PDF’s and keep them.


Align with Your Life-Path & Purpose

BEMA is the answer! I refer to it as The Four Dimensions of Change is based on my unique, tried and tested self-transformation process. It is as a system which helps you become aware of your authentic identity, or true self; which emerges when you are in alignment with your life path and purpose. The Four Dimensions of Change is the key to this alignment, which I define as Body, Emotions, Mind and Accountability of Actions.

As you progress, BEMA becomes a mechanism that helps The Real You to emerge and stay in alignment. You will understand how The Four Dimensions are always present and interact within you to induce changes that result in either greater chaos and pain where life seems to be discordant, or out of control and one where you perceive yourself as a “victim”; or enhance your own level of awareness and direct your own experiences towards living in harmony, with ease and joy. In a world that is forever changing, accessing our authentic self becomes the crucible that can dissolve our fear of change, and gives hope to the dreams we aspire to. Please contact me for information.

The Fool's Journey

Unbox The Real You Through The Fool’s Journey

The Tarot tells a story of self-transformation through the trials & tribulations of The Fool Archetype; the first card represented by the number zero. He starts his life-journey, like you and me, with a blank canvas taking risks into the unknown. Gradually, the journey gradually transforms him from Zero to Hero and The World becomes as his oyster. The Fool’s journey, will challenge your perspective and deepen the understanding of your own life journey allowing The Real You to emerge. No previous knowledge is neccessary.

Please Contact me to arrange date. All material will be provided. You will be able to download PDF’s and keep them.

All workshops are held in person or online in a small group when four people are interested.
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