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Spiritual awareness is not reserved for the elite. It’s a shared journey available to everyone. Not a secret, but a gift for all. It has long been my philosophy: to demystify the esoteric and offer it in a practical approach.

In all my work, my aim has always been to inspire and empower all those who seek wisdom and understanding -to enlighten and enrich the lives of my clients and readers, leaving behind a legacy accessible to all. I am full of gratitude that a big dream of mine has come to be!

Within the pages of each published book, I share the depths of my understanding, a lifetime of knowledge and experience devoted to spiritual growth, embracing psychic, or paranormal, experiences within grounded logic.

Five books have been published, with more books unfolding in the coming couple of years. And thanks to you, the readers, you’ve put Tarot For Self-transformation, on the #1 bestselling book in the UAE. I extend a heartfelt thank you to my publishers for their dedicated support and craftsmanship. I hope that my books will guide and illuminate your path towards a deeper connection with your innate guidance, and profound self-discovery.

My books are available in all main online stores. If you are ordering from the UAE, try to put on your VPN before you visit your favourite international online store; and check for stocks. Alternatively, Blackwells offer free delivery to the UAE. Stocks are frequently replenished, so please keep checking! 

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Psychic Powers: Unlock Your Natural Intuition (Hard Cover)

Discover the power of psychic intuition with this beautiful hardback guide, presented with gold-foil embossing, gilded page edges and delightful illustrations. This captivating guide will help you unlock your innate psychic gifts, tap into your subconscious and strengthen your intuition. It explores classic psychic techniques, accompanied by a host of tips and exercises to practice them in your everyday life.

• Meditation
• Dreamwork
• Affirmations
• Aura and chakra work
• Automatic writing
(Also available as audio book)

ISBN10 1398820954
ISBN13 9781398820951

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Create Your Own Flower Tarot Pack: A Complete Tarot Pack to Colour

This delightful book allows the reader to colour and customise their own flower-themed tarot deck, containing 78 press-out cards.

Tarot cards are a powerful form of divination, and their intricate and beautiful images make them a treasure to keep. This pack uses elegant flower designs to decorate the deck, from a blooming lotus flower to a bold carnation. These have been selected by spiritual life coach Sahar Huneidi-Palmer to embody each card’s meaning using the ancient wisdom flower lore. Colouring the flower tarot deck will encourage deeper thinking about each card’s meaning and is a great way to relax and meditate. By the end of this book, readers will have mastered the basics of tarot reading, tarot card spreads, and have their own beautifully personalised flower deck to get started with.

ISBN10 1398815799
ISBN13 9781398815797

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The Book of Tarot: A Spiritual Key to Understanding the Cards (Mystic Archives) Hardcover

This beautiful hardback with gilded page edges will reveal the secrets of tarot and tarot reading in detail.

From how to take care of your tarot cards to how to unlock your intuition when reading, this enthralling guide will appeal to anyone wanting to learn to read the cards or improve their readings. This is an empowering look at the world of tarot, dispelling myths and developing the reader’s skill in reading tarot. This will become an “essential reference tool for anyone interested in tarot”. Includes:

• A section on selecting and taking care of tarot cards
• Practices to improve readings
• Different spreads to use for different queries

ISBN10 1398820733
ISBN13 9781398820739

Sahar Huneidi Palmer-Life Path Readings UAE

Your Future in a Coffee Cup: The Art of Divining With Coffee Grounds Hardcover (2007)

Move over tea leaves, it’s coffee-grounds time! This, the latest fortunetelling craze from the Middle East, is just as easy as reading tea leaves, and it’s fast catching up in popularity!

This fantastic gift pack includes a specially designed coffee cup and saucer decorated in authentic Arabic style. Renowned psychic Sahar Huneidi is your host, and her accompanying book includes all the instructions you need, plus a directory of pictorial symbols to help you decipher the patterns and shapes that define your future! Coffee anyone?

• Use a cup of coffee as your crystal ball.
• Includes cup and saucer, to make the perfect cup of coffee and then go on to gaze into your future.
• Stimulates and develops your psychic powers.

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The Essential Book of Numerology: How to use the power of numbers (Elements) Hardcover (Feb. 2024)

Unlock the mystical power of numbers in this introductory guide to numerology, beautifully presented in a hardback, gold-embossed edition with full-colour illustrations.

The mystical significance of numbers has been studied since ancient times, from Pythagoras’s mathematics to Babylonian divination. Renowned life coach and psychic healer Sahar Huneidi-Palmer traces the history of this intriguing subject and how to harness the power of numbers your everyday life. Discover your life-path number, your name numerology, and other significant numbers, and let their numerological energy guide your important decisions. Enjoy a deeper look into how your life has been affected by the numbers around you – including your relationships, career and talents. Featuring full-colour photographs and diagrams throughout, this invaluable book will deepen your understanding and appreciation of this timeless tool for self-discovery.

• The Vibrations of Numbers
• Numerological Interpretations
• Life-Path Cycle and the Meaning of Numbers
• Numerology Readings

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1398828866
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1398828865

Unbox With Sahar-Chakra Healing

The Essential Book of Chakra Healing: Balance Your Vital Energies.

This beautiful gold-embossed hardback will introduce the chakra system and its transformative healing potential. With a comprehensive explanation of how energy interacts in the human body, readers will gain the tools they need to take control of their personal journey towards wellness. This guide goes beyond physical healing and delves into the realms of spiritual development and emotional growth. By gaining awareness of our energy centres and the corresponding qualities, we can gain valuable insights into our thought patterns and behaviours, and take steps to realign them with our highest aspirations. By taking charge of our own healing and becoming accountable for our well-being, we can begin to live a life that is true to our purpose and brings us joy and fulfilment.

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1398828890
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1398828896

Sahar Huneidi Palmer-Life Path Readings UAE

The Book of Practical Dreamcraft Hardcover (October, 2024)

A comprehensive look at the world of dreaming from how to induce a lucid dream to how to use a dream journal to explore your creative life and understand spiritual messages from other worlds. Including practical ways to create a haven for your dream life and how to use the moon’s phases to incubate the right dreams, as well as how to deal with nightmares and sleep disorders, this guide will become your go-to for all your dreaming questions. With a section on classic dream interpretation alongside more modern approaches, this is sure to become a future classic in the genre.

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 139884344X
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1398843448

Sahar Huneidi Palmer-Life Path Readings UAE

Telepathy Tests Book & Card Deck: A complete toolkit to train your intuition (Nov. 2024)

Bestselling author Sahar Huneidi Palmer teaches the reader how to tap into their telepathic skills through a series of card-based tests. There are also sections on how to improve your intuition in preparation for developing your telepathic skills. Discover how governments around the world have researched our psychic abilities, with the aim of gaining military advantage. Here, you can gain an advantage in life by working on your telepathy.

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1398844373
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1398844377

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Tarot for Self-transformation: Your Journey to Happiness Mapped Out

A profound journey of self-discovery through the wisdom of the Tarot. Unlock the secrets concealed within the 78 cards, utilizing symbology and numerology to decipher messages that reveal your strengths and weaknesses. This transformative experience will inspire you to confront life’s challenges and empower you to rise above them, ultimately fulfilling your life’s purpose.

The Fool’s Journey, a symbolic odyssey of human self-development and evolution, through the major arcana cards culminating in The World card, symbolizing transcendence from the earthly to the spiritual plane. Much like The Fool, you too can undergo a journey of transformation, guided by the exercises and sagacious advice within this book. Tarot for Self-Transformation offers an interactive and creative approach to this ancient divination art, complete with write-in exercises tailored for individuals on their path of self-discovery. Discover the profound insights hidden within the Tarot, paving the way for personal growth and enlightenment. Embrace this unique and creative methodology, designed to guide you on your journey towards a more empowered and purposeful life.

ISBN10 1398820466
ISBN13 9781398820463

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