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Tarot for Self-transformation: Your Journey to Happiness Mapped Out

This vibrantly illustrated hardback guide will help you discover your life path using the wisdom of the tarot. Using symbology and numerology to decode messages hidden within the 78 cards, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, become inspired to meet life’s challenges and learn how to rise above them and fulfil your purpose.

The Journey of The Fool

In the tarot, The Fool goes on a journey through the major arcana cards and ends at The World card – representing his transcendence beyond the earthly to the spiritual plane. You too can undertake this journey of transformation, resulting from the exercises given and the wise counsel you will find in this book.

With interactive, write-in exercises, Tarot for Self-transformation offers a unique and creative approach to this ancient divination art, perfect for anyone on their journey of self-discovery.

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Book Reviews

“Tarot for Self-transformation is a wonderfully concise guide to learning the Tarot.  Sahar Huneidi-Palmer’s many years of studying, coaching, and  giving readings for others shine through this book, and we reap the benefits of her learning. Through examples and exercises, the author really shows how it is possible to turn imagination into intuition to transform and craft the life that you want.” Read Full Review.

“Congratulations it is really an exceptional work. Very, professional and beautifully illustrated. Well done indeed.” Merryn Jose.

“Thoroughly Enjoyable! There are numerous books on the tarot. However, Tarot for Self-transformation by Sahar Huneidi-Palmer is packed-full of easy to understand, and apply information. The author’s unique angle is
Self-transformation depicting the tarot imagery as one’s own journey of self development. She explains the need to go through life’s painful experiences and why, through the transformation of The Fool from zero to hero. Throughly enjoyable!” Amazon.ca

“Truly amazing to be able to understand origins and meaning of the Tarot Cards. Sahar was able to reach into the mind and to open it up!” Sana Al Habal

“This is a fabulous book for anyone interested in discovering the world of Tarot reading. Easy to read, to follow and to understand. Very well structured. Its a book I recommend for anyone new to Tarot reading.” lama Ala Eddin.
“As a woman that also studies the tarot, I’ve seen first hand how transformational the Tarot is. Your book is great for those needing inspiration but for those who need a support in their healing or self discovery journey. Thank you for making the wisdom of the cards accessible to all. Congratulations and best of luck.” Susan Fulingnati

Psychic Powers: Unlock Your Natural Intuition (Hard Cover) 

red book cover Your Psychic PowersDiscover the power of psychic intuition with this beautiful hardback guide, presented with gold-foil embossing, gilded page edges and delightful illustrations. Written by professional psychic Sahar Huneidi-Palmer, this captivating guide will help you unlock your innate psychic gifts, tap into your subconscious and strengthen your intuition. It explores classic psychic techniques, accompanied by a host of tips and exercises to practice them in your everyday life.

• Meditation
• Dreamwork
• Affirmations
• Aura and chakra work
• Automatic writing

This inspiring book is the perfect companion on your psychic journey, featuring cloth-look binding, gold foil embossing, gilded page edges, patterned endpapers and beautiful illustrations (also available on Kindle). It will not only open your mind to these hidden realms but provide insight and guidance in your daily life.

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Create Your Own Flower Tarot Pack: A Complete Tarot Pack to Colour 

colourful book cover Create Your Own Flower TarotThis delightful book allows the reader to colour and customise their own flower-themed tarot deck, containing 78 press-out cards.

Tarot cards are a powerful form of divination, and their intricate and beautiful images make them a treasure to keep. This pack uses elegant flower designs to decorate the deck, from a blooming lotus flower to a bold carnation. These have been selected by spiritual life coach Sahar Huneidi-Palmer to embody each card’s meaning using the ancient wisdom flower lore. Colouring the flower tarot deck will encourage deeper thinking about each card’s meaning and is a great way to relax and meditate.

For Tarot newcomers, the colouring exercise will introduce them to the Major and Minor Arcana and the many fascinating symbols in tarot. By the end of this book, readers will have mastered the basics of tarot reading and have their own beautifully personalised flower deck to get started with.

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The Book of Tarot: A Spiritual Key to Understanding the Cards (Mystic Archives) Hardcover 

Dark Book Cover The Book of Tarot

This beautiful hardback with gilded page edges will reveal the secrets of tarot and tarot reading in detail.

From how to take care of your tarot cards to how to unlock your intuition when reading, this enthralling guide will appeal to anyone wanting to learn to read the cards or improve their readings. With plenty of information on the history of the tarot, the different types of card deck available, traditional and modern spreads to use, and methods of interpretation, this is an empowering look at the world of tarot, dispelling myths and developing the reader’s skill in reading tarot. This will become an essential reference tool for anyone interested in tarot.

• A section on selecting and taking care of tarot cards
• Practices to improve readings
• Different spreads to use for different queries

With striking gold-embossing, gilded page edges and beautifully designed endpapers, this informative book provides a wonderful introduction to tarot and makes a perfect gift.
ABOUT THE SERIES: The Mystic Archives are beautiful hardcover guides which reveal the hidden mysteries of esoteric arts, presented with:

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Your Future in a Coffee Cup: The Art of Divining With Coffee Grounds Hardcover (2007)

red box and coffee cup Your Future In A Coffee CupMove over tea leaves, it’s coffee-grounds time! This, the latest fortunetelling craze from the Middle East, is just as easy as reading tea leaves, and it’s fast catching up in popularity!

This fantastic gift pack includes a specially designed coffee cup and saucer decorated in authentic Arabic style. Renowned psychic Sahar Huneidi is your host, and her accompanying book includes all the instructions you need, plus a directory of pictorial symbols to help you decipher the patterns and shapes that define your future! Coffee anyone?

* Use a cup of coffee as your crystal ball.
* Includes cup and saucer, to make the perfect cup of coffee and then go on to gaze into your future.
* Stimulates and develops your psychic powers.
* Author is acclaimed professional intuitive.

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