The Celebration has Begun!

I’d like to thank everyone who joined the First Unbox Group Mentoring Celebration session with me last night. I just can’t wait for the next gathering. I apologise if you felt that you didn’t have enough time. One hour goes by so quickly! But I do hope you will use the Tools and Chakra sounds we talked about until the next time we meet. You would see a big change in yourself and your life.

You can still join if you have not already done so. Here is the link where you can sign up for free.

Once you sign up, you’ll get emails automatically telling you when the next session is and reminding you to join. Please look in your spam folder to make sure you didn’t miss it.

All of my past and present clients, as well as practitioners and therapists, are welcome to accept this invitation. I’m so glad that practitioners from the Keyani Wellness Centre, here in Dubai, joined us last night. Here is the link to the video from yesterday.

Each of the next four sessions will be on the 28th of the month. Last night, we did a lot of “energy” work. Let me know how you feel the next time we meet, and I’ll try to build it up as we go. You can still do Unbox on your own time by watching the webinars I did with Holistic Therapist Nathalie Khalaf, who is a friend and colleague. They will help you understand your energy field, or aura, and how we bring our lives into being.

The Webinars are in both, English and Arabic can be used in webinars. Moreover, here is the Unbox Tool 4Life that we used to clean the aura with sound vibrations.

As for my own news, I’ve just begun writing my next book on Chakra healing; the one after that will be on numerology. I can’t wait until October 2022, when all four of my books will be available online and in stores. You can now pre-order your copy on some website.


Love and Light,


© Sahar Huneidi-Palmer