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Sahar Huneidi-Palmer

Sahar is an online intuitive Life Mentor and Holistic Therapist. She conducts sessions over Zoom. Please Contact Sahar if you would like more information on Unbox Life Mentoring, or Life Readings. For more information on How you can improve your life, or on 1-2-1 private mentoring, please visit Unbox Packages page.

FREE Unbox Resources

Free Unbox resources are available to you when join Unbox Academy. Life-Time Membership is free. You will have free access to Life Mentoring courses, tools, meditations and more. No more excuses! Start healing your body, emotions and mind. Additionally, more free resources are available on Sahar’s social media platforms. For example,  you can follow her on Instagram and join her monthly “No Excuses” competition. Every month, two winners will have a free life mentoring session with Sahar. Still, have a question? Please take a look at the FAQs below or send her a message.

Press & Media

If you are media or press member, you can contact sahar through this page. Alternatively, click here to download Sahar’s Media Press Kit.




Address: Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

How Do I Start To Unbox?

The first step is to complete the online assessment. Your assessment is a snap shot of where you are now. It will give us both the opportunity to clarify your mentoring goals.

I Completed The Online Assessment, What Is The Next Step?

Great! A copy of your assessment form will reach Sahar automatically. She will then contact you to arrange your complimentary Discovery call over Zoom. She will help you decide on the best mentoring package for you. Once you enrol, Sahar will lead you through the rest.

Is Signing Up For A Mentoring Package The Only Way To Unbox?

No, you can join Unbox Academy. You will have access to free resources plus Monthly Live Q&A webinars. Additionally, subscribe to Sahar's YouTube channel, read articles on her blog. Also, you can follow her on Instagram for live Unbox Coffee Breaks. Why don't you join Unbox community? You can enjoy members exclusive offers and updates.

Success Stories

  • Sahar brings some useful and practical tools to the table that will help you to see your life or relationship so you can make simple changes that have big effects. You stand in your own power of choice. Sahar prompts you to create your own actions and outcomes, to create or re-write your own story.

    Angela Orriel DELGLYN, Online Coach – angeladelglyn.com

  • Sahar made rethink my priorities in life and look forward in a very positive way. Thank you so much and wish you all the best. ❤️

    Buthaina SINJAB, Business Owner – UK

  • Sahar has been a great guide for me in times of confusion & despair. She is a fountain of knowledge & has a heart of gold. She has helped me through two tough times by shedding light on where I was stuck. I am also honoured & blessed to have her in my life as a work colleague & dear friend.  

    Nathalie Khalaf – Holistic Therapist

  • I really need a serious excuse not to attend Monday’s Meditation with Sahar. Every time I discover new me - I’m capable of so much indeed! It’s an amazing experience guided by Sahar. She is fantastic professional, wize and patient mentor! I love what she is doing!

    Anna Kan – FaceFitness Coach

  • Sahar, thank you so much for your webinars they are life changing, you give it your all and it’s evident that you are passionate about what you do. You really have left an imprint on peoples’ lives. Me being one of them and for that I am so grateful ❤️

    Ibtihal ABU JARAD, Interior Decorator – Founder of Dazzling Designs