1-2-1 Master Class with Sahar Palmer

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1-2-1 Master Class with Sahar Palmer

AED 2,900.00


1-2-1 Master Class with Sahar Palmer is a Personalized two-hour Q & A Empowerment Session with A Seasoned Mentor & Guide

Unlock the depths of self-awareness and empowerment and dive into your chosen area of Sahar’s expertise. Whether it’s spiritual growth, Tarot, Numerology, Self-healing through the human Chakra System, Dream Interpretation or demystifying psychic abilities Psychic Development. This is not just a class; it’s an immersive experience tailored to your specific needs and interests.

Sahar, a seasoned author, life mentor, and holistic therapist, brings a wealth of knowledge and a practical approach to guide you towards a profound understanding of The Real You. Embrace the opportunity to ask questions, receive personalized insights, and take away tangible tools to apply in your daily life.

What A 1-2-1 Master Class with Sahar Palmer Is

Whether you’re meeting in person or online, this isn’t your average class. It’s a friendly, interactive and intensive 1-2-1 session designed by you and for you. So you forget the jargon – we’re talking about real tools and answers you can use right away.

Sahar will answer any burning questions about workshops you’ve been a part of, exploring any of her books’ or workshop subjects, mentoring insights. Sahar keeps it down-to-earth and practical for your to become a master in subject of your choosing!

1-2-1 Master Class with Sahar Palmer – What To Expect?

Think of it as a friendly chat, but one where you leave with tangible insights and skills. Want to decipher the mysteries of Tarot or understand how numerology can play a role in your life? We’ve got it covered. The Chakra Healing System and the Human Energy Field? Yep, we’ll explore that too. Plus, we’ll fine-tune your Psychic Intuition – no crystal ball required.

This isn’t about fancy words; it’s about giving you tools you can actually use. So, if you’re up for a warm and practical exploration into these intriguing subjects, book your spot for our 1-2-1 Master Class. Let’s make self-discovery a comfortable, everyday affair. Ready to dive in?

Why Choose a 1-2-1 Unbox Master Class with Sahar Palmer

A self-discovery journey is a unique and personal experience. And choosing a Master Class with Sahar Palmer is your ticket to a one-of-a-kind exploration. Here’s why:

  • Personalized Exploration: This isn’t a one-size-fits-all class. Sahar tailors each session to your interests, whether it’s Tarot, numerology, Chakra healing, Dream Interpretation or Psychic Intuition. Your journey, your way.
  • Real-World Application: Sahar’s approach is all about practicality. Expect not just theories, but hands-on tools and exercises that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life. No fluff, just actionable insights.
  • Friendly and Approachable: Leave the formality at the door. Sahar’s warm and friendly style creates an atmosphere where you feel comfortable asking questions, sharing thoughts, and truly engaging in the learning process. She doesn’t hold back her expertise.
  • Experience Matters: With Sahar’s background as a bestselling author, life mentor, and holistic therapist, you’re in the hands of someone who doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk. Practical wisdom derived from years of experience is what you can expect. Sahar is passionate about sharing her life’s journey.

Sahar’s Approach

Welcome to Sahar’s world—a realm where self-discovery meets practicality. Here’s a glimpse into Sahar’s approach: Sahar doesn’t deal in mysteries and enigmas. Her wisdom and style of teachings are down-to-earth, making complex subjects like Tarot, numerology, healing, and Psychic Intuition accessible and relatable.

Moreover, Sahar encourages open dialogue, questions, and discussions. It’s not just about what she knows; it’s about what you want to discover. Sahar’s warmth isn’t just a style—it’s an essential part of the learning experience. Expect a mentor who understands the human journey and approaches it with empathy and understanding.

You will have practical take-away! Sahar’s goal isn’t to overwhelm you with information. Instead, a 1-2-1 Master Class with Sahar focuses on practical takeaways—tools and exercises you can use immediately for personal growth and self-empowerment.

Choosing a 1-2-1 Unbox Master Class with Sahar means choosing a guide who understands the importance of a friendly, practical, and personalized approach to self-discovery. Let’s make this journey together.


  • Prepare your topic and questions
  • An open heart and a curious mind

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