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Sound Essence Aura Sprays

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Welcome to Sound Essence Aura Sprays, where shifting your vibration becomes the gateway to unlocking the life of your dreams!

Our aura sprays are transformative tools infused with the power of sound waves, designed to harmonize and balance your auric field. At Sound Essence, we pioneer the principles of vibrational balance, targeting not only the aura but also the chakras and meridians, to promote holistic well-being.

How Sound Essence Aura Sprays work

Imagine your aura as a symphony of energies, each channel resonating at its unique frequency. When blockages occur, disrupting this natural harmony, it can manifest as discomfort or imbalance in your life. Our aura sprays harness the healing vibrations of various elements: sound, colour, crystals and gems, positive word affirmations, sacred geometry, symbols, aroma, and homeopathy. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to restore equilibrium and vitality to your energetic system.

So, how do our aura sprays work their magic? By gently restoring healthy vibration to your aura, they help you realign with your optimal state of being. As you raise your vibrational frequency, you contribute not only to your personal well-being but also to the greater harmony of the world around you.


Experience the transformative power of Sound Essence Aura Sprays with our set of 5 x 15ml sprays, carefully curated to support your journey towards balance and alignment. Please note that our products are currently available exclusively in the UAE.

Elevate your vibration and step into a life of abundance and fulfilment with our aura sprays.

Price is for a set of 5 x 15ml sprays. Product is available in the UAE only.