The Pink Rose Guided Meditation™ by Sahar

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The Pink Rose Guided Meditation™ by Sahar

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The Pink Rose Meditation

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The Pink Rose Guided Meditation™ by Sahar is the Secret To Finding Inner Peace. Take a break from your busy day and join me for Unbox Pink Rose Guided Meditation. This guided meditation is designed to help you relax and unwind, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This meditation is also designed for self-love, and opening of the heart centre (or chakra).

Love Frequency Binaural Beats

Listen to Find Your Soulmate Guided Meditation by Sahar using headphones, to get maximum benefits of added binaural beats. The binaural beat frequency used in this meditation is tuned to frequencies of love and harmony. It carries a frequency of 221.23Hz with a binaural frequency of 10.5Hz. The carrier frequency supports higher love energy and aspiration for harmony while the beat frequency is associated with love of Life, love of self & others.

What To Expect

Try to stay open to what you experience each time and simply note any changes during, and afterwards. By the way, the heart centre is our vehicle for self-love, deeper understanding and balancing our soul-purpose and ego-based persona.

when to use The Pink Rose Guided Meditation™

The best time to listen to Unbox Pink Rose Guided Meditation is when you need balancing, relaxation and before going to bed. You might feel deeply relaxed and dose off to sleep – and that is absolutely ok! Each time you listen to a meditation, try not to expect a specific outcome. So, if you feel any tension between your soul purpose, or what you are passionate about and what you are meant to do in earthly; life this will be a good time to listen to this meditation. The Pink Rose was inspired by my spirit guides. Try it and leave a comment about you experienced.

How To Access Download for The Pink Rose Guided Meditation™

Once you place your order, lookout for and email with the download link.

Custom Designed Meditations

And by the way, if at any time you feel that you need a specific meditation to overcome a specific issue or to use for specific purpose you have in mind; I can custom design and record one for you for a small fee. Feel free to email me – and I will get in touch.