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A personal mentor is someone you can trust, who has the right experience and integrity, to help guide you in the right direction out of any maze you might find yourself in! I have helped thousands of people from all occupations, across the world, to live a vibrant joyful life achieving their goals. My long experience makes me resouceful. I’m able to support you with the right tools and ideas to actualize your life path and fulfil your purpose. Also, varied free resources are avilable to you on my online magazines, blog, and YouTube channel.

Live Your Life

Most of us are not aware of the basic principles that guide our life journey. I call it alignment. When you are not aligned with your life purpose, you will experience tensions and struggle. Once you are aligned with your life path, the journey becomes more enjoyable. With a mentor by your side, you will be lead through a proven process that is guaranteed to support you finding your balance, discovering your strengths, transfoming your vulnerabilities and build your next platform and be able to move forward with ease and joy.

Fall in Love Again!

Are you going through a change or a transition? Do you feel unmotivated and can’t take an action or a decision? When you are not aware of who “the real you” is, you would feel confused and indecisive. Four aspects help to align with your life path: your Body, your Emotions, your Mind, and your Actions (or accountability). I call this process that I have developed BEMA. The result is that you will emerge as a resilient powerful participant of a joyful life that you fall in love with; fulfilling your life purpose. Reclaim your happiness now fall in love with your life again.


Now that you’re sorted, it’s time to consider your space, home or work environment. A consultation assesses the physical space identifying non-productive, or blocked, areas; I then provide you with a report resolving any blocks with remarks and suggested “cures” to balance your environment. The absence of such balance & harmony can create discord between occupiers of that place, and stunt growth. When you live in harmony with your space, you will experience flow. It is space healing for your environment.

About Me

Sahar Huneidi-Palmer

Personal development mentor

My core philosophy in mentoring is to inspire & empower. My approach is a holistic one – balancing body, emotions, mind and actions. I use my own unique methodology – Ketheric Well-Being™ to help my clients extract wisdom from their lives, by understanding the dynamic that lead from the past to the present; and allowing them to move forward while holding themselves accountable for what they “create” – that is making a shift from “victim” mentality to that of an empowered “co-author”.  Clients are engaged throughout this mindful process.  A session can be either in person or online via Skype. As ongoing support for my clients, I published three online magazine as free resources: for spiritual growth, for personal resilience; and for family holistic living alongside my own mentoring blog.


Five Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Contact Me

The best way to reach me is by email. If you have already booked your session, and want to set up a time for your Skype appointment, a chat window is also available 24/7 to which I will personally respond asap.

Make an Appointment

Set up your appointment time by email. Your session is held online via Skype. I will guide through the rest. Skype appointments: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm (my local time); Sundays – Thursdays.

We meet or Skype

What is important for you right now? Together, we will assess your expectations, and clarify priorities & practical steps towards achieving your goals. Overseas Clients only : Skype appointments include Sundays – Fridays, 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm (my local time).

You'll apply changes

Monitor your progress, and use my Tools For Life™ to support you when needed.

Apply Changes & Update

Decide if require more sessions, one-hour or half-hour, depending on your progress and issues. Following sessions are for update, review, and focusing on next steps.

Successful Stories

Sahar Huneidi is a rare find, a jewel amongst pebbles. She is an extraordinary mentor & Spiritual DIY Expert. She has in her heart a gift that helps to empathize, calibrate and heal her clients as they cease to stagger and begin to walk their rightful destiny.
Author, Master of Voice & Sound Alchemist.


Sahar is truly inspirational. Her message is very clear and easy to understand and has helped me to start a new business and a new direction in my life.


Sahar is a very authentic person. Her commitment to what she does is second to none and her integrity follows it. She’s an amazing individual and I wish her only the best!


I cannot thank Sahar enough for the support and guidance she has given me over the past years. Special people like you are a gift to mankind. I’m blessed to know her. She’s brilliant…..a true gem.
Development & Progress Consultant.


Sahar is an amazing person who brings insight and clarity to the big picture. She has a very personable manner and can communicate across many cultures. Integrity is key to Sahar’s core values and I would higly recommend her sevices, advice and all round life coaching skills.


Sahar has a gift – she has helped me with deep emotional issues, made me aware of my strengths, and given me confidence. I travel country to country to see Sahar – an appointment with Sahar is truly a powerful experience. I feel privileged to have Sahar in my Life!


The best consultant I have met on my path.

Reiki Master.





Vibrational Me™

Do you know why you are living the kind of life that you are right now? Do you know that there is a behind it? How well do you know yourself? We all live in a vibrational universe. We are each unique individuals, with unique vibrational self-expression. Your date of birth is that expression. Vibrational Me™ offers you deep insights into understanding:

  • Who you are
  • Your Life Path
  • Your Task, goals & yearnings
  • Ancestral gifts & constraints
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