What Do You Teach?

I teach self-awareness and self-development classes and workshops, online and in-person; on subjects like meditation, dream analysis, self-healing, soul purpose, and tarot symbology for self-transformation; to help understand your life path and purpose.

  1. Master Classes: One-to-one online intensive learning session held via Skype or Zoom. No previous knowledge is neccessary, however it is quite intensive!
  2. Workshops: I hold workshops in person and online; either in a group, when four people are interested, or individually. Please visit my workshops page in my online store for details.
  3. Self-development weekly circle: meditation and dream analysis for clients who can attend in person. If interested, please contact me.

What Are Master Classes?

A Master Class is a personalized self-development one hour session where you receive one-on-one expert intensive learning. Classes are held online where you decide the area of your interest.

The session is tailor-made according to your needs and level of awareness. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary. You will be provided with handouts where relevant. I will guide you through.

You can use your session to develop your understanding of your dreams, your life’s purpose, or to learn how to meditate, and connect with your higher-self. If you have a an artistic or creative streak, learning the Tarot or Cartouche cards can be a valuable tool to your self-awakening.

Can I learn Online?

Yes, you can develop your awareness and deepen your understanding of life and how to realize your goals through:

  • Self-development Master Classes.
  • Online self-awareness workshops: through Zoom, and FREE webinars. Please join my Personal Mentor business FB page.
  • I am readily available to teach any time you have a small group of people who want to pursue the same subject or area of interest.

Please Contact me to arrange date. All material will be provided. You will be able to download PDF’s and keep them.