When Do You Hold Workshops?

Any time you’re ready!

  1. I teach one-to-one online Master Classes via Skype (one-hour session). This is where you already have some experience but desire to improve.
  2. I also teach a longer eight-module, self-awakening course based on my Ketheric Well-Being™ book and process entitled Your Journey To Self-Awakening. This is an in-person series of classes. Your commitment is a must. Contact me if interested.
  3. I hold a small group self-development weekly circle, for meditation and dream analysis, respectively. This is for clients who can attend in person. If interested, please contact me.
  4. I offer ongoing series of Tarot for Self-Transformation classes; on learning how to use the Tarot as a self-awareness and transformation tool.  Please visit for updates, or contact me and ask about your area of interest.

What Are Master Classes?

They are one-hour session of Expert one-to-one intensive learning via Skype.

It is up to you how you wish to use your session. Each session is, unique and tailored to your needs and level of awareness. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary. You will be provided with handouts where relevant. I will explain and guide you through the rest.

You may wish to, for example, to explore interpreting your dreams. On another occasion, you may feel that you are ready to connect with your higher self, and seek guidance through intuitive writing, understand the meaning of your dreams, find out more about meditation and what type is best for you; or that you wish to practice meditative breathing techniques more deeply. Some of my clients have a creative streak and wish to learn about interpreting symbols of the Tarot  or Cartouche as a ready-in-hand-tool for their own self and spiritual development.

Online Workshops

I am mainly based in Dubai now, and realize that many of my international clients maintain an interest in developing awareness. So, I am currently organizing online workshops through Zoom. However, I am readily available to teach if you have a small group who want to pursue the same subject or area you are interested in developing. Contact me and will organize workshop dates for you. All material will be provided. You will be able to download PDF’s and keep them.

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