Unbox Discovery Session™ with Sahar

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Unbox Discovery Session™ with Sahar

AED 1,100.00

45 minutes up to an hour consultation where we go through your completed assessment to ascertain suitability and the right package.

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Who are you, truly? And what’s holding you back?

During your Unbox Discovery Session™, we will go through your assessment, discover what’s holding you back, answer all your questions, and clarify your priorities. The Unbox with Sahar™ mentoring process is a profound exploration of self-definition, transcending social limitations and labels. Unlock the doors to your authentic self through Unbox Life Mentoring with Sahar. It’s a journey of breaking free from the constraining boxes that limit your true identity, talents, and abilities.

Your authentic identity is unique, like a fingerprint or a voice note. To embark on your unique journey, self-awareness becomes indispensable. The Real You is the expression of your uniqueness, transcending the roles you play in different life stages. Unbox Life Mentoring builds self-awareness, deepens your inner connection, and miraculously transforms the chaos of life into a harmonious symphony. Our real identity often remains obscured. As we navigate the roles of parenthood, relationships, and careers, we may feel unfulfilled and face a void that success, money, or love cannot fill. The key lies in understanding and embracing your authentic identity – The Real You.

The Unbox Process

The Unbox process facilitates personal transformation, turning life’s chaotic crashes into smooth rides by removing the layers that hold you back. Understand your strengths and weaknesses (U), neutralize chaos (N), build your next platform (B), overcome obstacles (O), and enhance personal resilience—the X-Factor (X). By addressing vulnerabilities, the Unbox journey equips you with the ability to navigate life’s unpredictable Black Swan events. As you observe yourself without judgment, distorted patterns and blocks unravel, enabling you to recover swiftly from unexpected challenges, feeling free or constraints and actually enjoying your life with ease and harmony! The First step begins with completing the Unbox Online Assessment and placing the order for your Discovery Session with Sahar. Bring yourself, and let Sahar guide you towards taking charge of your life.

Online Assessment Form

Once you place your order for our Discovery session, tap this link to complete the self-assessment form. Please note there are no right or wrong answers. What is importnat is to answer truthfully, from your heart, as per your understanding of the question at this moment in life. The gateway to transforming your life is through the present moment: Unbox Online Assessment.

The Unbox Discovery Experience

This is an opportunity to reflect on where you are now, and what is holding you back, where you want to be at. You can begin to transform your life right away! Moreover, together, we decide the package that fits your goals and vision. mentoring Packages include FREE BONUS in-between Laser Sessions. Laser sessions are for quick updates and feedback so you can remain supported and moving forward. Please visit my testimonial page, and check google reviews.

Completing the Unbox Online Self-assessment

Once you’ve completed and submitted the Unbox Online Assessment, Sahar automatically receives a copy. Moreover, once your order for Discovery session is also received, Sahar will contact you through WhatsApp to schedule your appointment.