Life Path Mentoring with Sahar

Unbox The Real ™ You with Sahar

Why You Need Life Mentoring with Sahar

Unbox life mentoring with Sahar refers to coming out of the box. Coming out of any constraining box, reveals who we truly are and liberates our authentic identity, talents, and abilities. This liberation allows us to live our life path to the fullest. To create what you desire in life, you need to know your real identity. Our real identity is not apparent to most of us, because we grow up in boxes of countries, backgrounds, families and culture. As we grow older, we become parents or spouses or develop careers that take over our lives.

Identity: Who Are You?

How do you define yourself? We believe that is what defines who we are and what we seek in life. Until one day we hit a wall, we start struggling, feel unfulfilled and eventually experience a void that no success, money or love can fill. How else can you truly evaluate what you want in life and what is important to you; if you do not know who you truly are? 

Unbox Your Authentic Identity

Your authentic identity is your own unique self beyond any social limitations or labelling. We each have a unique fingerprint. We have a unique voice note. And in the same way, you have a unique journey to fulfil. So how can you solve, improve, or grow into your own journey without self-awareness? 

The Real You

Being The Real, You is expressing the uniqueness that you are, all the time, regardless of the different roles that we may play in life. The roles you play may be different, for a finite period of time; but you are the same actor, who is always playing different roles at various stages of your life. When you are The Real You, you will find that many tensions and stresses start dissolving because you are no longer boxed by how you define or identify with yourself.

Unbox Life Mentoring with Sahar builds your self-awareness, deepens your inner connection with yourself. And, what happens are a result, is something really magical: life stops being chaotic! 

bicycle crashing versus smooth ride in life

Personal Transformation Through The Unbox Process

Personal transformation happens when your life shifts from chaos to harmony. When you are stuck life seems chaotic – you are not in control. You feel lost as to what to do, and how to move forward into harmony.

That is what the Unbox process stands for: Understand your strengths and weaknesses, Neutralise chaos, because you want to get back to balance very quickly; Build your next platform – whenever you find yourself now, you can design the next platform before you jump on it, Overcome obstacles in your way; and finally, the X-Factor, what I call personal resilienceTo build your personal resilience and overcome the many changes in your life, you need to address your vulnerabilities. No self-development program is successful if it does not address our Achilles heel.

Shifting Your Life From Chaos To Harmony

If you want to feel free and full of joy, start observing yourself. The more you observe yourself without judgement, the more likely you are to unbox distorted patterns and blocks in your life. Consequently, when you are hit by a drama, trauma, or a sudden life-changing event in your life, what is referred to as a Black Swan – an event that is unpredictable and is completely out of your hands; you will find out that you will know what to do, and you recover very quickly. 

Along your Unbox journey, you may wobble a bit; but you will get back on track quickly. You will also become more aware, or sensitive; which means you may react to change quickly, however, you will be able to recover just as quickly. The quick recovery, and knowing how to act is the benefit of Unboxing.

How You Can Transform Your Life

Start feeling free and full of joy as you transform your life. You can achieve that simply by being more aware, by observing all that you think, feel, say and do. Personally, I feel very strongly that Consciousness does not change without the application of Consciousness. You need to be awake and aware of how you are distorting what you can do and who you are; and therefore, what you are creating in your life or movie every day.

As a life mentor, I will guide you to become more aware of who you are, and how you define yourself- because those are the boxes that cripple our self-worth and potential. The deep connection that you develop with yourself galvanises your inner guidance, and you begin to create your life from the inside out with harmony. You attract what you want to you, instead of struggling to achieve your goals because you are in alignment.

The Four Dimensions of Change the core of Unbox Life Mentoring: The Pyramid Of Awareness

The Four Dimensions Of Change Are The Cornerstone of Unbox Life Mentoring

 The Four Dimensions of Change are the cornerstone of Unbox life mentoring. They are both, the tools and the mechanism to unboxing your authentic self, and guiding your Guiding Star. If you like, your personal awareness builds up through rising the Unbox Pyramid of Personal Awareness.

BEMA represents The Four Dimensions of change: BodyEmotionsMind (and belief system); and Accountability to actions. The online assessment which you will complete before we meet for your complimentary discovery session; will let me identify where you are stuck and what needs to be balanced and aligned.

During the Unbox process, I encourage you to stand on your own two feet and learn to solve your own issues. You are also supported with update laser calls and the right Unbox Tools 4 Life™. All I need from you is your commitment to yourself-discovery. When you enrol in a Life Mentoring package, I will explain what is expected from you.

Your Strength Lies in your Weakness!

If you want to build a better life, you need to accept that your strength lies within your weakness! Unbox life mentoring with Sahar empowers you to create a brighter future by recognising and accepting your weaknesses first. You will not be judged! Whatever we share in your session is confidential. However, I will encourage you to face your weaknesses and to work through them. My role as a life mentor is to help you is spot your blocks, and shift your mindset from helpless “victim” to empowered “creator” or co-author of the life you yearn for.

The most important thing to remember is this: the straightforward answer to how can you build a better life starting now; is by building a deeper connection with yourself and ignite your own guidance. Unbox life mentoring is about allowing your Guiding Star to emerge.

What Is A Life Mentor?

A life mentor is a guide to your personal awareness and becoming empowered. I really believe we each have our own Guiding Stars, and that we can tune into it is through personal awareness simply by observing ourself in a very loving, non-judgemental way

For example, when I listen to my friends, family and many of my clients; I listen to the words they use to express themselves. This is because whatever goes into the subconscious gets there consciously. It gives me a clue as to how much they value themselves and how self-aware they are.

When you judge yourself, you are not aware of your infinite authentic self. You may say things like “Oh, I’m not good at this” or “I’m not a good a mother”, or “I’m not doing well at my job as the bread-winner of the family” or “I can’t just bring myself to do …”. You are programming yourself all the time. You are programming your unconscious to make you fail, and you continue to judge and box who you are and what you can do. However, you are doing it consciously – while you are awake. Therefore, to change to positive patterns, you need to be conscious and aware of the blocks that you are placing unconsciously along your own journey.

Benefits of Unboxing Your Potential

You will benefit from Unbox Life Mentoring by releasing your potential. You will feel free and full of joy. Your mindset will shift to an empowered and positive mindset. You will find out how to transform from your life by removing obstacles from the inside – out. You will build a deeper connection with your authentic-self, forming meaningful and rewarding connections with others in your life. You will discover what your life purpose is. Unbox life mentoring helps you realise, or make real, your goals in life.

Additionally, you will ignite your own Guiding Star. You will feel so empowered because you are in touch with your inner guidance. And I can help you achieve all that effectively and quickly when you commit to your own self-empowerment.

The Secret of Self-Empowerment

The secret to self-empowerment is Unboxing The Real You and holding yourself accountable. This is because the reality is that there is no Magic Bullet answer to solving all your life problems. All the modalities that you can think of come under the Unbox Four Dimensions of change. When you hold yourself accountable to the life you are living, your focus turns to taking action, instead of fearful procrastination. Self-empowerment is about the journey of self-awareness. I am passionate about guiding you to Unbox yourself. You will be able to do so on your own as a result of you enrolling in the right Unbox Package for you. In all honesty, it took me a life-journey to be able to express self-development, or self-awareness, feeling empowered and becoming resilient; in a simple logical manner as the Unbox process.

Unbox Life Mentoring Is Unique

Unbox is a unique process of mentoring that anyone can start at any time! Despite your past limitations and constraints, you can Unbox the real you at any point unboxing themselves, releasing their constraints, developing or connecting with their inner power, connecting with their inner guidance and feeling resilient; to fulfil their purpose in life. Think about this, if you spend a lot of time overreacting to things happening in your life, you are not going to live your life. You will be suffering you will be in pain, you will spiral down, it will take so long to get back to any degree of normalcy to resume your life.

The great upside to unboxing is that you learn to get back on track quickly, to deal with your weaknesses, and to recognise your strengths, heal your vulnerabilities and; you will be able to guide yourself and to act timely and appropriately in any crisis. The more you practice this, the more resilient you will become. And the result is, that you feel free to live your life and that is something to be joyful about- knowing that although you do not know what the future holds, you can still deal with what is happening right now and enjoy life. Is not that more exciting than unboxing a present or the latest shopping?

Results You Will Achieve

Unblocking right away and improve your daily life.

Clarity about where you are struggling and how to resolve it.

Identify your core values by which you live, so you can make the right decisions.

Learn how to unbox yourself whenever you need to.

A deeper connection with your true self & inner guidance.

A new sense of feeling lighter, empowered & guided.

Tested & tried Unbox Tools 4 Life Kit™ to support your life flow.

The know-how to continue designing and evolving your new life with ease, grace and joy.

What You Get

❖ 60-minute One-on-One private online mentoring and coaching sessions (all sessions are recorded and are on Zoom)

❖ In-between Laser Voice-Messages or 10-minute calls (depending on your chosen package) on WhatsApp to keep you moving forward.

❖ Unbox Tools 4 Life Kit™: Practical exercises I designed for you to implement when you need to unbox specific issues.

❖ Invitation to join my online Unbox Academy and FREE monthly webinars.  

Next Step

If you are struggling, Unbox with Sahar mentoring can be the perfect opportunity for you to jumpstart your life, feel free and full of joy:

Unbox Discovery Consultation

First, click here to take the online assessment, or  services page. Unbox with Sahar offers you a 1-2-1 consultation with sahar at an exclusive introductory rate for new clients.  The purpose of the Discovery call is to assess together where you are at now, what your priorities and goals are, if we are a fit. I would then recommend the right package for you if you decide to continue with private mentoring. I promise you to Unbox at least one issue during your Free Discovery Consultation.

Once you complete and submit your self-assessment form, I receive a copy automatically and will contact you via WhatsApp to arrange your Unbox Discovery session. Your will receive the full hour session at an exclusively reduced fee for new clients. Before you complete your online assessment, please click here to book your Unbox Discovery Consultation with me. Kindly note: No refund is offered once you commit. You are expected to book your next session – I will not chase you!

Unbox Packages

Life mentoring packages start with 3 sessions. It is recommended that you do not leave a gap of more than ten days between mentoring sessions. You might slip back and demotivate yourself! If packages are completed within the time indicated, you will forfeit your enrolment. Once you enrol, no refunds are offered. Your commitment is a must. Time is valuable – I commit to you if you are committed to improving your life! For more information please see Unbox Packages.

Success Stories

  • I would recommend Sahar to anyone looking for a genuine and passionate life mentor & coach.  

    Haifa Addas – CEO and founder of @Instaglam.com

  • The best consultant I have met on my path.  

    Gaetano Vivo – Author & Reiki Master

  • I really need a serious excuse not to attend Monday’s Meditation with Sahar. Every time I discover new me - I’m capable of so much indeed! It’s an amazing experience guided by Sahar. She is fantastic professional, wize and patient mentor! I love what she is doing!

    Anna Kan – FaceFitness Coach

  • Sahar Huneidi has a unique ability to see beyond the mundane view. She provides insight and clarity that helps her clients find their way forward on their true path. I highly recommend her work!  

    Asandra Lamb – Author of Contact Your Spirit Guides & Artist

  • Sahar is an amazing person who brings insight and clarity to the big picture. She has a very personable manner and can communicate across many cultures. Integrity is key to Sahar’s core values and I would highly recommend her services, advice and all round life coaching skills.

    Emma Coker – Global Sales Effectiveness and Enablement Manager