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Why Unbox

Sahar is an extraordinary online life mentor & intuitive since 1992. She specializes in identifying blockages quickly & realigning clients with their goals & purpose through her unique tried & tested Unbox The Real You™ program.

Unbox with Sahar program is the perfect opportunity for you to jumpstart your new life and Unbox your fullest potential to live your life with ease, peace, balance and joy. Sahar has been acknowledged three times as “One of the Best 100 Psychics in the World”. She appeared on BBC 2; London’s LBC radio and received regular press coverage from various magazines including Woman’s Own, and London’s Evening Standard.

Why Unbox Mentoring?

  • If you have a feeling that there is something holding you back and you’re unclear of what it is, or
  • If you are you wondering if there is more to life than where you are right now
  • If you have worked with other therapists and coaches in the past, and still feel something is holding you back or that something is still missing;

Then you Unbox mentoring with Sahar can be of great benefit to you.

Please accept Sahar Huneidi-Palmer’s invitation to support you get back on track on the path of your life’s purpose. Unbox mentoring is holistic: Sahar works in an intuitive manner as well, healing what needs to be healed; with over 1000 successful healing sessions.

One thing for sure, if this resonates with you, then you are ready to be freed, ready to experience what being Unboxed is all about. Are you in?

Unbox mentoring with Sahar program can be the perfect opportunity for you to jumpstart your new life, and express your fullest potential. The result is feeling free happy, and full of joy!

Here’s What To Do Next:

Unbox Packages

Sahar Huneidi-Palmer has developed Unbox packages to suit your needs, goals and budget. When you are committed to improving yourself, we will find a way! Your online assessment will help determine the right package and support for you. The purpose of the discovery call is to assess together where you are at, what are your priority goals, and which is the right package for you. Packages start with 3 sessions, 6 sessions and 9 sessions; to be completed within 6 weeks, 3 months, and 9 months respectively.

This is based on a maximum of two weeks between sessions; otherwise, no progress will be expected, and you will lose momentum!

Kindly note:

  • No refund is offered once you commit.
  • You are expected to book your next session – I will not chase you!

For more information please see Unbox Packages.