There is pain inside
That circles my mind
It’s too old

It’s too deep
And I am weak
To pluck it out.

There is angularity to pain
How it slices the soul
And scars the mind.

There is a fire inside
It burns at my heart
It steals the night

Will I ever find sleep?

© Sahar Huneidi

How happy are you with your life?

Did you ever wonder if you are living the best life that you can live? Unbox mentoring with Sahar Huneidi-Palmer helps Understand and know yourself on a deeper level. It is about getting in touch with your inner guidance and allowing the life you desire to unfold. Once you establish a deeper connection with your “true self” and your Four Dimensions Of Change, that connection never dissolves.

Your true self, the real you, is your own personal and unique imprint which you are born with. And, like a guiding star, it helps you find your path in life, no matter what road you choose, and to travel it gladly, tunefully, and mindfully until you reach your destination – fulfilling potential.

Your authentic identity does not change (thus referred to as true self) because it is who you truly are. The true self can only grow, develop and shine more brightly once you recognise it, claim it, and “own” it by continuing to be mindful of BEMA.

How do you recognise The Real You?

The answer is self-awareness. Moment-to-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings and actions; is the key to knowing your authentic identity. The authentic identity, or true self, is joyous, passionate, compassionate and non-judgemental. It is naturally in tune with your life path.

Its purpose is to help you live your life to the fullest. We naturally have the ability to connect harmoniously with all other beings: human, animal and vegetable; BUT most of us we are conditioned from birth to focus only on the self, and frequently on a narrow set of ideas which attempt to define and limit our understanding of our place in the world and who we are.

Too many of us are prisoners of such restrictive notions. The bars of our cages are made from fear and constraining beliefs about our identity and self-worth. As such, we begin to experience struggles and discordance in our lives instead of joy and harmony as we realise our fullest potential.

This alienation, or denial, of our true identity, as a connected element in the great web of life, is at the root of the pain, the depression and the feelings of inadequacy that too many of us suffer from. We become self-centric; we use money, search for power and control over others, often who are close to us, as a substitute, ignoring our own sense of indistinct loss and, our own sense of aloneness. We feel an inexplicable void although our lives are “busy”, jam-packed with stuff to validate our identity and which we continuously strive for; and are surrounded with loved ones, colleagues and, friends.

Discarding the “false self”

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call if fate

Carl Yung

Only by recognizing our authentic identity, which transcends the narrowness of the false-self, and opens our consciousness or awareness to the power of universal connection, can we overcome these constraints.

Liberation comes when we can truly love all, and reach out with sympathy and understanding when we overcome self-imposed isolation and engage with the unbounded matrix of interconnections and joyful life experiences. “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too [1]”.

True Personal Awareness

Getting to know yourself deeply and reconnect with who you truly are, allows The Real You to emerge by developing your own perception and understanding. As you grow, your awareness expands. This is because we can only perceive through the “tools” we already have. Once our tool kit expands, by developing the Four Dimensions of Change (BEMA), your perception will change, your understanding will grow, the decisions you make as a result of this new compounded understanding.

We all desire to live the lives we deserve; our goal is the same. Our authentic identity transcends barriers, competitiveness and conflict that distract us for our true-life path and form realising our true purpose which is to continue to evolve and grow enriching our lives as well as those whom we encounter on our path.

When we are aware and, connected with our authentic self and in alignment with our life path; life naturally becomes more harmonious. In fact, almost magical! We experience the ease of flow, where our lives unfold before us like a rolling carpet, as we consciously guide it. The pieces naturally fall into place. “The apple always falls to the ground”, I always say to my clients. “If you’re not catching the fruits, it is you who is not standing under your tree (or in alignment)!”

[1] The Alchemist by, Paulo Coelho. First published 1988 by Harper Collins.

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