How To Make The Best of 2022 كيف سنعيش عام

تختتم سحر، مرشدة الحياة عبر الإنترنت ، عام 2021 وتتحدث عن الاتجاهات وكيف سنعيش في عام 2022 كضيف مع مايا حجيج وسبا عودة على قناة بلومبرج الشرق

Sahar, online life mentor, wraps up 2021 and talks about trends and how we will live in 2022 as a guest with Maya Hujaij and Cyba Audi on Bloomberg Asharq TV.

About Sahar

In 1990, my life changed dramatically overnight, which sent me on a quest to understand and live my best life. On that journey, I have endured the loss of my father, brother, beloved husband and, more recently, my mother. I learnt about personal resilience first-hand having to restart my life each time, rising like a phoenix from the ashes to find a deeper meaning and renewed purpose. ????In 2004 I started podcasting to help my clients develop a higher soul perspective to their lives. Unbox The Podcast empowers listeners to become more deeply aware of how our daily lives shape and create our life journey. Understanding that when we release our limitations and come out of the box, we can make real the life we desire, feel free and full of joy.


Other Interests:

  • Poetry (Arabic & English)
  • ❤️ Turkish Coffee!. I wrote the first book on the subject:
  • Organic Essential Oils: I have developed Andrew’s Oil skin therapy, when caring for my beloved husband whom I lost to cancer. Please visit Andrew’s Oil website and subscribe:
  • ????Unbox The Podcast:

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