For the first time in the Middle East, vibrational healing is available. I am the only official distributor.

Manifesting with Sound Essences

Sound essences are on the cutting edge of vibrational “medicine” and healing. They help you maintain your energy at the optimum level you need to manifest what you desire.

How They Work

They combine aromatherapy, homeopathy, essential oils, flower remedies and herb remedies, sound, sacred geometry and crystals. The essence of energy is flow. The essence of manifestation is to maintain a frequency. If you are not catching the fruits, it is you who is out of alignment- and not standing under the tree!

Unbox: Holistic Mentoring

I combine therapies that work with Unbox Mentoring to help you shift your frequency and live your best life. What’s your excuse for not living the life you deserve? Get in touch!


Available in the UAE. For overseas enquiries, please email me.


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