Body Awareness is Self Awareness is Spiritual Awareness

Body awareness is the key to deepening your spiritual connection. You are the fusion of energy and matter, consciousness in a physical body. Because you have a physical body, you can create and live your life. What directs this life is your mind, which is infinite, your awareness and your emotional responses. Spiritual awareness is essentially recognising and integrating the duality of these two primal energies which make manifesting your goals in life possible and it begins with paying attention to your physical body – your First Dimension of Change.

Manifesting Your Goals

The two primal forces, energy and matter, take many forms on so many levels. They are referred to as energy & matterYin & Yangessence & formand content & container. In personal awareness, they are your body & consciousness.When you are aware of the inherent polarity of creation, you will be conscious of the need to balance both aspects to maintain the connection between your consciousness and your physical body.

The more you are connected with your physical body, the more of your consciousness is present within your body. You will manifest or create your life in real-time. All manifestation starts in the present tense. So does personal awareness. If you are aware of the present moment, how can you direct your attention to what you desire to create?

Body Awareness

Simply by paying attention to your physical body, you direct more of your consciousness and mind into your body to create daily. It also vitalises your body and grounds you, which allows you to grow and evolve harmoniously.

Three Key Awareness Points

  • The mind is an intangible quality. It is infinite and has no boundaries. Your consciousness is connected to the source of all energy.
  • Your body is the vehicle through which you express and manifest your thoughts, goals, and desires.
  • Maintaining the wellness of your body is essential for your overall well-being and helps to enjoy your life journey.
  • When body & mind are incompatible, struggle and dis-ease begin.

Maintaining body & Soul connection

  • Listen to your body:start your day by focusing on your body before you get out of bed and the last thing at night.
  • Give thanks: to whatever you take for granted. For example, be grateful to the bed that gave you comfort, and to your feet and your body too for allowing you to get out of bed, and for preserving your existence!
  • Tune in frequently: connect with your body several times throughout the day. Remember that your body works in unison with your mind to help you achieve what you desire as you navigate your day.
  • Honour your body: listen to your body’s needs by acting on them. This will help align your energy and direct it where it is needed. For instance, do you need to rest, relax, eat (healthily), exercise, or meditate?
  • Focus on the now.Be mindful of your feelings, thoughts and actions in the present moment. Body awareness allows your authentic self to emerge and unfold naturally. Your responses will be appropriate to the moment.

The Result

Listening to your body helps you to embody your consciousness and gives structure and harmony to your life. With practice, you will achieve tangible results. Although you may experience ups and downs because the tension is necessary for the two forces, energy and matter, to interact, you will recover and rebalance quickly! In the words of Morihei Ueshiba (1883- 1969), the founder of Aikido, “It’s not that I don’t get thrown off, I recover so quickly you don’t notice I was away.”

© Sahar Huneidi Palmer

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