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How To Live Your Best Life Free Webinar Series

Free LIVE Monthly Webinar Series

Things may be tough, but life can only get better. My colleague and friend, Nathalie Khalaf, and I will be hosting the series of free webinars until the end of the year. This is our gift to you to help you take a pause, reset, and move forward to life your best life. Each webinar will be held in english and then repeated in Arabic.

How To Live Your Best Life

How To Live Your best Life webinar Series of Free Webinars is where you can understand your human makeup and unlock your inner gifts. You will Feel Free & Empowered when you master your given gifts. Save the date and set yourself free! Visit this page again to check future webinar dates.

  • MAY Webinar 3: Matters of The Heart
    English – Tuesday, May 4th. Arabic – Thursday, May 6th; at 8:30 pm GST (+4 GMT).


  • JUNE Webinar 4: The Power of Communication
    English – Tuesday, June 8th. Arabic – Thursday, June 10th; at 8:30 pm GST (+4 GMT).


  • JULY Webinar 5: Realise Your Dreams
    English – Tuesday, July 6th. Arabic – Thursday, July 8th; at 8:30 pm GST (+4 GMT).


  • AUGUST Webinar 6: Design Your Life
    English – Tuesday, August 10th. Arabic – Thursday, August 12th at 8:30 pm GST (+4 GMT).


  • SEPTEMBER Webinar 7: How To Stay Connected. 
    English – Tuesday, September 14th. Arabic – Thursday, September 16th, at 8:30 pm GST (+4 GMT).


  • OCTOBER Webinar 8: Finding Your Balance
    English – Tuesday, October 12th. Arabic – Thursday, October 14th, at 8:30 pm GST (+4 GMT).


  • NOVEMBER Webinar 9: Unblock Your Mind (are you thinking or feeling?)
    English – Tuesday, November 9th. Arabic – Thursday, November 11th , at 8:30 pm GST (+4 GMT).


  • DECEMBER Webinar 10: Moving Forward with Your Life
    English- Tuesday, December 7th . Arabic – Thursday, December 9th, at 8:30 pm GST (+4 GMT).

All webinars are broadcast on my FB or YouTube page.

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اكتشف الهدايا المخفية بداخلك وعيش أفضل حياتك

أنت مصمم بالفعل لتعيش الحياة التي تتوق إليها. اكشف عن الهدايا التي قدمتها وسيؤدي فهم تكوينك البشري إلى فتح هداياك الداخلية. ستشعر بالحرية والتمكين عندما تتقن هداياك. حرر نفسك وعيش بكل سهولة وفرح.