Why You Need A Life Path Mentor

Life mentoring can transform your life and help you fulfil your purpose and live in peace and joy. A personal mentor, or a life path mentor; is someone who has enriching first-hand life-experience, integrity, developed wisdom and is armed with the right tools to support you flourishing in life

A Personal Mentor is also someone you can trust to guide you in the right direction and gives you clarity when you’re stuck or lost in a maze. Your time is your life, and time is a precious commodity. When you are stuck and do not ask for help, you are wasting your time. And, when being stuck for a long time, it begins to affect you mentally and emotionally. 

No shame in asking for help

There is no shame in asking for help. If you are stuck, it means that you cannot see your way forward, for whatever reason. So, enlisting a life mentor to help can clear your mind and give you the right tools so you can recover quickly and continue towards your goals.

As a life path mentor, I have walked my client’s life journeys with them over more than 14,000 1-2-1 sessions. I learnt from their life journey as much as they have from mine. In fact, they have helped direct my path to serve them better and more effectively. So, I have learnt a great deal about restarting my own life and what it takes to continue to thrive and enjoy life.

The path was not easy. Following a traumatic life-changing experience, nothing is ever easy. However, it was the reason that I took a time-out from life and sought meaning purpose to my life. I have asked for help until I found what I was looking for, and my life transformed for the better because of those seemingly adverse events.

Transformational Life Journey

In 1990, I left the corporate world and became a professional intuitive, life coach and holistic therapist. My life journey turned out to be the reason that what I do is unique, as well as who I am. In other words, I found my gift, my life purpose and developed a deeper understanding of how to cope with life without suffering in confusion needlessly. In fact, it is what makes me unique as Life Path and Personal Mentor. 

Your time is your life 

Your time is your life. Mine has led me to develop my own process after twenty-eight years of experience and tried and tested tools too; to help you. I can help you identify why you are stuck or blocked and give you insight into what needs to be resolved to get back on track quickly and live your best life.

I call my life mentoring process Unbox. This is because I realised that most of us crawl into a box when the going gets tough. And sometimes feel helpless and frozen in our tracks. When you receive the guidance, you unblock and feel free, full of joy; instead of worry and fear. 

Unboxing with me helps you realise that you are in command of your life and that your life experiences were needed to make you more aware and resilient. The outcome of life mentoring is that you will feel free and full of joy. No matter what happens in your life, you can deal with it and get back on track. You will know what to do.

Living In Joy

When you Unbox with Sahar and enrol in a private mentoring package, you begin to feel free and full of joy. My aim is to empower you by inspiring you to take charge of your life and hold yourself accountable.

Accountably is empowering! Holding yourself responsible for your emotions, thoughts and, actions means that, however, you went wrong or off-track, you can get yourself back on track by being personally aware of your own dynamic.

I refer to this self-awareness, self-growth, or life mentoring process as The Four Dimensions of Change, or BEMA my unique and proven self-transformational process. 

Step Into Intentional Living

Intentional living begins with your own sense and ability of personal awareness. What is it that you are trying to achieve? What kind of a life are you trying to live? And what are your core values?

Before you can answer any of those questions and determine what you want from life, you need to know who you are: The real You or your true identity. As human beings, we have within us all that we need to live a joyful life and to unblock ourselves. During your life mentoring sessions with me, you will find out that the mechanism for self-growth and self-transformation is the process of unboxing itself. It helps you release your limitations and unleash your fullest potential. It helps you stay in alignment with your path & purpose feeling fulfilled.

Together, we mindfully design your program according to your goals and needs. I will guide through every step once you enrol, and you help you stay on track. Is your life worth getting  right? Find your joy now. Complete the online assessment form and book your complimentary Discovery Call. Life can only get better.

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