How do you solve a critical life problem? This article is about how a client made use of my healing sessions, something that is unknown to her, to heal and get her son’s life back on track.

I first met Suzette through a mutual friend and business associate and needed her help desperately in social media marketing. This was during a tough time me. I was busy looking after my 90-years old mum, still grieving my beloved husband whom I had recently lost; and intended to relaunch and rebrand my business. Suzette was struggling to accommodate my needs because she was unfamiliar with my business. She needed to understand what I did to help me market it!

Soon afterwards, her son was in a critical situation – I will let her tell you her story. However, I felt her anguish and offered her Insta Clearing with Sahar™. “How would that work from a distance?” she asked me. I explained briefly – and requested to meet with her son online for two reasons. To establish a connection with him, and also to ascertain that he also desired to be helped. We chatted together for a short while; and started the work.

Acting outside the Box!

I can honestly tell you that I felt her pain over her son, and it touched me deeply. I had just gone through a comparable situation with my late husband. So with her permission, I volunteered to also enlist the help of my colleague and friend, Dawn Paul, Shaman, and healer. His pattern has been going on for a while, and certain aspects needed to be addressed by a “specialist”. Together, me in Dubai, Dawn in England; we worked on her child simultaneously, combining our methods over a few weeks; in addition to what I have already started. I must admit she was trusting, brave and open to trying something different.

About a month later, I sent Suzette a short text to check on her. We finished the marketing task and had not been in touch for a while. She replied that she did mean to stay out of touch, however, she was stunned by the recovery her son made and struggled to make sense of the work done – especially from a distance! Months later, she sent me her video testimonial, of her own accord; to which I am appreciative and grateful. So, I will let her tell you her story.

“What can you do when the resources you have relied on your whole life do not work to solve a critical life problem? Doctors are not always an answer. In this case, the medical doctor was the reason my life went off the rails. There are things we can learn about outside of just taking a pill hoping it will solve a problem. This is a heartfelt, authentic account of my story as a mom who relied on medical doctors to intervene and solve a health problem for my adult child. This video is a testimonial of how a spiritual energy clearing can change everything.” Suzette Cotto – Innovative Social media; USA.

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