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Private Mentoring Packages

Private Life Mentoring With
Sahar Huneidi-Palmer 

Do you feel burnt out, confused or still struggling to find meaning to your life? Relax! This is the most exciting time of your life. You can Unbox your true potential, fall in love with your life again, and find purpose. Private Unbox mentoring is designed to support you tackling unresolved issues. Unbox is a unique tried and proven program; along with Unbox Tools 4 Life™, will bring you back on track. You will have clarity right away.

The first step is to complete your online assessment form. I will receive a copy automatically and get in touch and set up your40-min Unbox Discovery call with me.

Your Discovery call will help us connect, and assess together where you are at now, what your goals are, and which is the right Unbox package for you. I will lead you through the rest!

Why You Need to Unbox

Having worked with thousands of clients world-wide, I have learned and developed deep insights into how we operate, why we stay boxed, and how we can get out of alignment. Being aligned means discovering the essence of your being and the deepest values by which you live.

When in alignment, you connect more deeply with your inner intelligence or power source, and identify with something greater than the material worldly gain: your infinite nature. With awareness, being aligned becomes a way of life, true to your infinite nature, enjoying life with ease and grace.

Unbox mentoring is holistic. It brings together The Four Dimensions Change to unblock and align you. I refer to these as BEMA: Body, Emotions, Mind and Accountability to Actions. The result? You will claim your personal power back and start designing the life you are passionate about.

You are in charge of your life! You will discover how to get out of your way, release fear and confusion, end your struggle and get back on track quickly.

What You Get

❖ Up to 60-minute One-on-One private mentoring and coaching sessions (all sessions are recorded and are on Zoom)

In-between Laser Voice-Messages: short voice call or message, once in-between sessions, on Whatsapp. This is to give you extra support when you need it to keep you on track, or update so that you can  get results quickly & keep moving forward.

Unbox Tools 4 Life Kit™: Practical exercises and in-between tools. This is valuable material designed to guide you through specific issues to Unbox and align.

Invitation to join my newsletter, updates and special offers.

❖ Free Life-time membership and access to The Unbox Academy.


Unbox Discovery Session

During your Discovery call, we will assess together where you are at now, what your goals are, and which Unbox package is right for you. I
will lead you through the session. There is nothing for you to prepare. Just show up!

1,000 AED     

Starter Pack™

10 sessions X 20 min. each to be completed within 10 weeks.
10 x 10 minutes each in-between laser voice-messages or call on WhatsApp.

During your Discovery call, we will assess together where you are at now, what your goals are, and which Unbox package is right for you. I will lead you through the session. There is nothing for you to prepare. Just show up!

8,500 AED     

Transformation Pack™

20 sessions x 20-minutes to be completed within 5 months.
20 in-between laser voice-messages or call on WhatsApp.

19,000 AED     

Nurture Me Pack™ – One year support

All year round support for returning clients only.

15 x 15-minute sessions – To be completed within 12 months.
15 X 5 minutes in-between laser voice-messages or call on WhatsApp.

10,000  AED   

Success Stories

  • Whether it was serendipity or like-mindedness that got us together with the Sahar; I know that it was the best thing we ever did.

    Cyba Audi – CEO & Founder of Saba Communication Consultants

  • Sahar's gentle yet powerful voice when she explains facts and issues is just amazing. I consider Sahar a friend who is compassionate, genuine and level headed. She can always be counted on to listen and provide support. Her life experiences, the ups and downs she has gone through, have made her who she is today.”  

    Janan Kardouch – Power house Mum

  • Sahar is like the oxygen you breathe. She is sound, healing and has the gift of sight. One dose of Sahar and you are an addict for life. Sahar has a gift - she has helped me on deep emotional issues ,made me aware of my strengths, given me confidence and is able to guide with her gift of "seeing". I travel country to country to see Sahar - an appointment with Sahar is truly a powerful experience. I feel privileged to have Sahar in my Life!

    Tikvah Abro – Former Owner, Designer, Buyer at Tiklee Clothing

  • Sahar is an exceptional woman. She has a logical answer to any question you may have, better yet, she can tell what your question is before you even ask her. She’s is extremely knowledgeable in her field, kind and passionate and have taught me so much in so little time. Her meditation sessions are like nothing I’ve been to before. Everything she says or does is backed my logic and valid experiences. I feel very blessed and lucky to have met her.

    Rola Khadra – Freelance Art Director

  • Sahar is one of a kind. Her sessions are so different that what we see out there. You get so much out of just one hour with her. Sahar taught me the true power of the mind. After just 3-4 sessions I became more intuitive, I see things I never knew I could, I believe in myself more and I’m making big changes to my life. She’s also kind, passionate and is genuinely interested to help.

    Rana Khadra – Regional Colour Marketing Manager at Jotun Middle East, India and Africa (MEIA)