My Psychic Journey – From The Corporate World to The Mystical one!

In a world that often values logic and reason above all, embracing the intangible power of intuition can seem daunting. Yet, as podcast host Sahar Huneidi Palmer beautifully illustrates in the latest episode of Unbox The Podcast, intuition is the silent force behind some of the greatest creative achievements in history.


From the iconic innovations of Steve Jobs to the fantastical realms of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, intuition has played a pivotal role in shaping human progress. As Sahar eloquently puts it, “Intuition and creativity are really one and the same. It is how we express ourselves as consciousness.”


What’s intuition?


But what exactly is intuition, and how can we harness it to fuel our own creative fires? Sahar delves into this question, offering not only a philosophical exploration but also practical techniques to enhance our intuitive skills. Meditation, journaling, and trusting our inner instincts are just a few of the methods discussed that can help us connect more deeply with our surroundings and, ultimately, with ourselves.


The episode isn’t just a theoretical treatise on intuition; it’s a personal journey. Sahar shares anecdotes from her own life, transitioning from the corporate world to a more mystical existence, and how intuition has been a guiding light throughout. Listeners are invited to reflect on their own experiences of inspired insight, those moments when ideas flow effortlessly, and solutions appear out of thin air.


Insights into creativity


Moreover, this episode is a call to action for anyone seeking to infuse their daily life with spontaneity and joy. Whether you’re tackling a complex problem or embarking on a new project, Sahar’s insights on creativity and intuition are bound to inspire. To quote Sahar, “Try it and let me know. It is really as simple as that.”


So, if you’re curious about the link between creativity and intuition or looking for ways to unlock your own creative potential, tune in to this episode of Unbox. You might just find the keys to a more fulfilling and innovative life. Listen now and take the first step towards embracing the unknown with confidence.


Align and Flow


Remember, as Sahar reminds us, “No experience is ever a waste of your time or of your life.” Let intuition be your compass and watch as the stars align to illuminate your unique path to creativity.

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