Sahar Huneidi Palmer-Holistic Therapy Abu Dhabi

Dive into a transformative 1-2-1 Unbox Master Class with Sahar Palmer, a seasoned mentor, guide, and holistic therapist. This personalized two-hour session delves into your chosen area, whether it’s Tarot, numerology, Chakra healing, dream interpretation, or Psychic Intuition.

This is not just a class; it’s a hands-on, practical exploration where Sahar answers your burning questions, shares tangible insights, and equips you with real tools for immediate use. With a friendly and approachable style, Sahar’s 1-2-1 Master Class offers a unique and personalized journey into self-discovery, providing actionable insights and a warm, interactive atmosphere. Join Sahar for an enriching experience tailored to your specific interests and needs, and let’s make this self-discovery journey together.

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Unbox With Sahar-Life Coach USA