Follow-up Unbox Life Path Reading™

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Follow-up Unbox Life Path Reading™

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Update Session Half-hour (for returning clients only)

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Follow-up Unbox Life Path Reading™ for Returning Clients Only (30-Min.)

As life progresses, new changes arise. It enables clients to reassess their progress. During this half-hour follow-up session, you will receive new insights on coping with new challenges, or unforeseen choices an alternatives. Sahar Palmer, renowned Intuitive Life Mentor and Holistic Therapist, offers a half-hour session as an Follow-up Unbox Life Path Reading ™ reading to returning clients. A follow-up session enables returning clients to continue unboxing their lives without getting stuck.

Benefits of a Follow-Up Unbox Life Path Reading ™

During this half-hour session, Sahar will offer new insights and guidance based on any new developments or shifts in your life journey, since your last session. By revisiting your life path, you will gain a refreshed sense of direction and purpose. Furthermore, and learn how to navigate the new challenges and opportunities in your life. With Sahar’s guidance, feel empowered to make any necessary adjustments and continue your journey with confidence and clarity.

Get Back on Track

Sahar’s Follow-up Unbox Life Path Reading ™ are designed to help you get back on track and continue moving forward on your life path. With over thirty years of experience and a reputation as one of the world’s best 100 psychics, Sahar is the perfect guide to help you unbox your life and design the future you desire. This is the perfect opportunity to answer questions, assess alternatives and get you back on track. Prepare your questions and we shall start from there.

Book Your Session Today

To book your Follow-up Unbox Life Path Reading™ with Sahar Palmer, simply place an order and she will get in touch with you to schedule the session via Zoom. Get ready to revisit your life path or take the next step towards a more fulfilling future. Once you make your purchase Sahar will contact you by email or WhatsApp to arrange Zoom meeting.