Full Unbox Life Path Reading™

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Full Unbox Life Path Reading™

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Sale ends 31st March 2024

Life Path Reading


Full Unbox Life Path Reading

Chart your life’s journey and move forward with Sahar’s Unbox Life Path Reading™. A transformative one-hour personalized session available in person or online through Zoom. Experience a unique blend of guidance, clairvoyance, tarot, numerology, and Unbox Life Mentoring. Move forward with clarity. Uncover your life path, your why’s and how’s, and to break free from struggle.

Designing Your Life

Unbox Life Path Reading™ with Sahar Palmer offers you a comprehensive overview of your life path so you can chart your journey. It blends spiritual awareness, self-awareness, and personal growth. Sahar highlights your strengths, inner talents, and obstacles, providing clairvoyant insights and empowering life mentoring. Unbox Life Path Reading™ focuses on your innate ability to create reality —a journey towards empowerment. Sahar recommends just one session a year, allowing the revelations and insights to naturally unfold over time, as you do your ‘homework’.

When To Schedule Your Next Session

Schedule your next Unbox Life Path Reading ™ when the events and shifts from your initial reading have revealed themselves. This is to ensure that each session aligns with the evolving chapters of your unique life story. Moreover, it allows you to absorb the guidance, implement changes, and practice being the master of your ‘own destiny’. Return for a fresh perspective as your path continues to unfold. Returning clients can also chose in-between Follow-up Unbox Life Path Readings™ or a Mini Unbox Life Path Reading™ whenever new influences occur.

Why choose life coach Sahar in Dubai

With over thirty years of experience, Sahar is an intuitive Life Mentor, life coach, and trusted advisor based in Dubai. She was named three times as “One of the Best 100 Psychics in The World”. Sahar’s unique asset lies in her intuition, grounded expertise, and global reputation. Check the client testimonials and Google reviews into Sahar’s proven track record. Additionally, Sahar stands behind her work with a money-back guarantee. If you express dissatisfaction within the first 15 minutes of your session, you are eligible for a refund. Remarkably, in over thirty years, not a single client has invoked this guarantee—an testament to Sahar’s commitment to delivering valuable and satisfying guidance. Your empowerment is at the core of Sahar’s passion and goal.

Begin your journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Sahar’s guidance. To book your Unbox Life Path Reading™, place an order, and Sahar will contact you via WhatsApp to set up your appointment.