Follow-up Unbox Life Path Reading™

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Update half-hour session for returning clients only

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30-Min. Follow-up Unbox Life Path Reading™

Welcome back, returning clients! Sahar designed Unbox Life Path Readings ™ to help you realign and continue moving forward. As life progresses and unveils new changes, this session offers you the chance to reassess your life path and choices, building on the revelations from your extended one-hour reading.

What to Expect

In this half-hour follow-up, gain fresh insights on coping with new challenges and unforeseen alternatives. As chapters of your life evolve, Sahar guides you through the evolving chapters of your life, to ensure that you continue unboxing your life path without getting stuck.

Benefits of a Follow-Up Unbox Life Path Reading™

Discover new insights and guidance tailored to the shifts in your life journey since your last session. Revisit your life path, gaining a refreshed sense of direction and purpose. Sahar empowers you to navigate new challenges and opportunities, making necessary adjustments with confidence and clarity. This session provides the ideal opportunity to address questions, assess alternatives, and get you back on track. Prepare your questions, and we shall start from there.

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