Mini Unbox Life Path Reading ™

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Mini Unbox Life Path Reading ™

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Mini Session

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A Mini Unbox Life Path Reading is a 15-minute recorded reading that is designed to provide a focused and in-depth look. It is about a specific issue or question that has arisen in your life and is most pressing for you. A Mini Reading is an ideal choice for new and returning clients who are seeking answers to pressing concerns or challenges. These concerns may have recently emerged and need quick guidance.

When To Book A Mini Unbox Life-Path Reading ™

Whether you are facing a difficult decision, or just need a fresh perspective on a pressing matter, a Mini session by Intuitive Mentor Sahar Palmer can provide the clarity and guidance you need to move forward with greater ease and confidence. Typical issues are checking alternatives, for example, purchasing a specific property, signing a new contract, starting a new business or changing careers etc.

With more than three decades of experience as a professional psychic, Sahar Palmer has a deep understanding of the human psyche and the challenges that arise in life. Her expertise in Tarot and Intuitive Life Mentoring has helped many clients navigate their life path with greater ease and clarity. Her Mini Reading is an extension of her commitment to providing meaningful and impactful guidance to her clients quickly.

What You Need

Before your session, you can provide your question or issue in writing (text or email). This gives you an opportunity to focus on what you would really like to know. Also, it allows Sahar to prepare for your session and ensure that you receive the most relevant and accurate guidance possible.

Sahar conducts a Mini Unbox Life Path Reading session on her own (from distance). She will use her Tarot cards, numerology and her intuitive abilities to explore the issue or question at hand. Afterwards, Sahar will provide you with clear, concise and actionable guidance that you can use to make informed decisions and move forward with greater clarity and confidence.

Please text your issue or one question, name, and date of birth. Sahar records the session and sends it to you as an audio recording, or voice message on WhatsApp. This way, so you can revisit the insights and guidance at any time.