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Unbox with Sahar whole heartedly recommends the following holistic resources that can help you improve your awareness.

Recommended Resources


a resource for the holistic community and those seeking up to date information to support an inspired life. We feature cutting edge research and podcasts with leaders in the fields of consciousness and metaphysics, the best of alternative and integrative medicine, plant based remedies, yoga, qi gong, vegan lifestyles, meditation, sustainability, environmental issues, spiritual topics, and more. We were founded in 2003, with a mission to educate and encourage those who are searching for ways to build a better world. We believe in living an awakened, mindful life and having the information needed to improve mind, body, and spirit.


Asandra is a full-trance Channel with 40 years experience channeling Master Spirit Guides.
She is also an accomplished visionary Artist and published Author of the book, Contact Your Spirit Guides (Schiffer Pub.)


Gaetano Vivo is an energy healer, Reiki Master & teacher, a visionary, author, and a speaker. The founder of Vivo Healing, and Angelic Connexion. Created by Gaetano, it is a form of healing with our Guardian Angels. During the session, Gaetano communicates and delivers messages from angels. This kind of therapy heals and balances every aspect of our life through an exchange of energy with the angels.

Success Stories

  • Dear Sahar, It was wonderful to see you yesterday, inspirational as ever, only wish I could carry you round in my pocket!

    J. B. – London

  • I had a beautiful zoom chat with Beautiful Sahar Huneidi this morning. I felt that she elevated me from very low to high sky. She is brilliant and could point her finger immediately on the complicated map there to spot where I stand, and how I should be moving to improve issues distracting a happy successful flow in my life journey. She was very honest and very precise. The advice which she presented this morning felt like Santa clause being generous to me and arriving early this year. She covered health problems and alternative remedies / she gave me two or three secret keys which I feel will work on opening the feeble lazy chakras in my body. I feel on top of the world. I knew Sahar very well since maybe 35 years - Via a mutual precious person to both of us and happens to be also Sahara’s cousin. For many years we have not been in touch due to life travels etc. Therefore what I mean to say here, is that the mentoring advice did not come based on her knowledge about me. Unfortunately we lost touch until Thanks to Sahar’s coffee breaks ( unbox). Started. Sahar was brilliant / I felt much better and she filled my heart with hope And joy, also with determination to use her presents which are all beautiful and fits well with my common sense. Not mentioning great ideas which sounds very fruitful. Whoever is in doubt about Sahar’s Gifts and her innate love to help, I would say to try her before you utter one more word. I think Sahar is multi gifted in removing any fog in your head and more. No harm time try they say. This is just a small thank you note to Amazing Sahar.

    Hanya Imam – UK

  • Sahar is exactly what I needed to regain that focus I've been missing. She helped me help myself see things from a different angle. Like a camera, I have been placing the lens too close that the view becomes blurry and out of focus. A session with Sahar helped me fix that. I look forward to working with Sahar to transform myself.

    Elvita Haff – Japan

  • Sahar brings some useful and practical tools to the table that will help you to see your life or relationship so you can make simple changes that have big effects. You stand in your own power of choice. Sahar prompts you to create your own actions and outcomes, to create or re-write your own story.

    Angela Orriel DELGLYN, Online Coach – angeladelglyn.com

  • I had an awesome session with Sahar. She could understand me deeply through my initial unbox analysis and could highlight the main problem that I felt it was basic part of my struggle. I was seriously feeling chaos around yet didn't know how stand up right again and trust my own self. She was the reliable, professional mentor I would recommend anyone who is struggling to understand themselves to go to. Yes we need a mixture of pragmatic, emotional aid at so many times and her knowledge, experience and third person view is what would definitely help. Thank you Sahar. God bless you

    Hala ABDJ – UAE