The Heart Centre is The Seat Of Your Authentic Self.

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Last night, my colleague, Natalie Khalaf & I, ran the third monthly free webinar where we are going through the chakra system relating the human energy field to the psychological impact that it has on us as we grow.

❤️ The heart chakra, is more than just a heart chakra, because the Heart Centre is also the centre of universal love.  What is special about the Heart Centre, is that it brings together all the other chakras. It connects, the spiritual self with the human personal self and the universe!

So, when we say you live authentically from the heart, it is truly that you will live from your authentic self. And, I spoke about the difference between emotions and feelings. After the webinar, we had a breakout private Zoom meeting, where all the participants started asking questions. So, if you have missed our webinar, you can watch the replay on YouTube and please leave your comments or questions; we will answer them.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we will repeat the webinar in Arabic. 

???? Both Natalie and I, look forward to seeing you next month for our 4th webinar.

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Stay well, bye for now.

Thank you very much Sahar, what a fruitful webinar. I really felt that discussing the heart centre as a concept is very influencing and something to admire. ❤️❣️???? – M. Addasi.

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