Watch this video to understand why you get stuck. it is not your fault, so stop beating yourself up, and learn how to cope.

Tips To Get Unstuck

When you are stuck, stop beating yourself up! Be careful: Your brain does exactly what you tell it to do.

More importantly, your brain amplifies your thoughts! So,

* Become aware of your “thinking process”.
* Understand how your brain functions.
* Know that it is not your mind!
* Your mind directs your brain.

I can help you Unbox, feel whole again; and live your best life.

About Sahar

Named three times as “One of The Best 100 Psychics in The World”, Sahar has helped thousands of clients globally to identify what the key block is in their life, how to get unstuck and become the Master/ Mistress of their own destiny! Sahar is also an in-demand commentator through her Life Coach Column and media appearance on the likes of BBC 2, LBC, CNN radio and in various magazines including Woman’s Own and London’s Evening Standard. 

Sahar’s life coaching and mentoring process is called ‘Unbox The Real You’ and is based on her methodology called ‘The Four Dimensions of Change’, which helps you heal and align your soul’s creative being and align your purpose and now that Motivational, fun, joyful, uplifting, upfront & personal content is yours to enjoy via this weekly podcast.

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