Self-Transformation Through Imagery

Self-Transformation Through Imagery

Can you connect with your authentic identity? Lack clarity and guidance?

Well, there is nothing like an image and a single word to unlock the imagination and allow insights and guidance to come through. I use various image cards (Tarot) to help my clients achieve clarity when needed to resolve and issue or understand the message delivered through a dream; or to explore an alternative course of action; or understand a personal issue. The session is 90-120 min. class. The best way to prepare is to write your questions down. I will lead you from there.

Skill Level: All Levels.

Materials: You need to have your own Rider-Wait-Smith Tarot Cards deck.

Validity Period: All online workshops are valid for 30 days upon booking. No refunds.

Age Requirements: 18 years and older.


colour image of Tarot cards