Facing Your Reality

Facing the truth upfront rather than turning from it will keep you moving forward. As you reflect on the past year, there is no room for regrets. Instead, if you want to move forward. Instead, ask yourself, what could I have improved? Did I do my best? If not, start focusing today on what you can do- however incremental. In fact, if you move forward in small steps, it is better for you. You will experience harmony and a deeper soul connection.

Your Mind Is The Builder, Your Life Is The Result

Most probably it is your mindset that has blocked you from realising your dreams and goals is your mind. Did you ever wonder where you are right now? And, whether it is the best place for you? What if where you are now is the best place for you to be – until you realise and accept that the upcoming change is even better for you than where you are now!

However, what is missing is self-awareness. Namely, your soul connection to your real identity – The REAL YOU. Your soul connection to your real identity as consciousness in a body is unique to you and only you. It is a self-empowering license to create the life of your dreams. This connection is what directs and drives your life journey. What I refer to in Unbox mentoring as your guiding star – your own satellite navigation system, if you will! Without nurturing this connection, you would feel run down, tired, hopeless, irritated and even unmotivated.

Try This Exercise

Think of two words “I AM”. Meditate or reflect on these two words. When you are ready, write a page, longhand, of thoughts you are inspired with. Repeat this until you are clear on who you are and what you are here for.

Get Clarity Right Away

Achieving clarity of your purpose and mission may not always be easy. I will guide you to learn how to direct your mind away from distractions and towards what is most important to you. You can choose not to get stuck!

Get clarity right away: I can help you with that. Together it’s a lot easier to focus on your priorities, and you will get 100% clarity. Book your Life Path Reading or Your Unbox Discovery session with me, and let’s start the New Year with a bang! Either way, I’ve got your back. Remember, you can do this.

Wishing you all a deeper soul connection in 2023 as you uncover your infinite being, The Real You.


Ready To Order!

My new book, Tarot for Self-transformation: Your Journey to Happiness Mapped Out; is out this month. Arcturus Publishing have done a great job with all the books.My gratitude goes to the team and to my editor Tania. Please remember to send your picture- and I’d be grateful if you can leave a review. We shall all meet for a Zoom Master Class. Get yourself a Tarot deck, practice, and come with questions about your life. Details to follow soon.

More News To Celebrate!

My thanks to you for supporting my YouTube channel. If you have missed Celebrate 30 Years with Me series of webinars, please view them on YouTube. More events are planned online and in-person: 3 Meditation & Self-development circles, as well as 3-4 workshops. More shortly!