The Four Dimensions of Personal Transformation

BEMA: The Four Dimensions of Personal Change

If you want to feel free and full of joy, start observing yourself. The more you observe yourself without judgement, the more likely you are to unbox distorted patterns and blocks in your life. Consequently, when you are hit by a drama, trauma, or a sudden life-changing event in your life, what is referred to as a Black Swan – an event that is unpredictable and is completely out of your hands; you will find out that you will know what to do, and you recover very quickly.

Balanced Life

Along your Unbox journey, you may wobble a bit; but you will get back on track quickly. You will also become more aware, or sensitive; which means you may react to change quickly, however, you will be able to recover just as quickly. The quick recovery, and knowing how to act is the benefit of Unboxing.

Find the purpose of your life and align your goals

to follow the path you are destined for! The Four Dimensions of Change are the key to this alignment, which the instructor defines as Body, Emotions, Mind and Accountability of Actions (BEMA). As your awareness progresses, BEMA becomes the mechanism that helps you stay in alignment with your life path and purpose.

You will understand how The Four Dimensions of Personal Change are always present and interact within you to induce changes that result in either greater chaos and pain where life seems to be discordant and out of control and one where you perceive yourself as “victim”; or enhance your own level of awareness and direct your own experiences towards living in harmony, with ease and joy.

In a world that is forever changing, accessing your authentic self becomes important to take away the fear of change and to give hope to the dreams you aspire to.

You will learn how to:

  • Activate your Four Dimensions of Change.
  • Self-assess each of your Four Dimensions of Change.
  • Come up with a plan to align and shift your life into harmony and joy.

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