Spring Is Here. Are You Ready To Grow?

The vernal equinox, when the sun crosses the celestial equator and day and night are of equal length, happened on March 21st. This significant event has been cherished for millennia and heralds the arrival of spring. Nature rises from its winter hibernation, and life begins anew. It was also Mother’s Day throughout the Middle East, as well as the Nowruz Persian New Year. Happy New Year to everyone!

With the advent of spring, we too experience an internal awakening as our senses are captivated by the aroma of new blossoms, the sight of new growth, and the prospect of warmer weather.  Spring urges us to refresh ourselves and embrace a new beginning, a new idea, or a new desire. Give yourself the gift of self-care this spring.

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How Do You Spring Clean Yourself?

How do you spring clean yourself, your aura, and past emotional traumas, outmoded negative beliefs, and stumbling blocks?  Well, if you know me by now, you know that I always go for what strikes the target— without fussing!

My bespoke Bach Flower Blends have worked ‘miracles’ for my clients. The transformation begins from within, as you place drops on your tongue or in any hot or cold beverage.  Bach remedies are not new at all. They’ve been used for nearly a century based on flower attributes. What’s new is that a blend is created specifically for you. When you complete the online self-assessment form, I automatically obtain a copy and create the blend for you. That simple!

How To Manifest

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Working from the outside in, if you want to achieve a specific goal, your own vibe must match what you want to create. Otherwise, no matter how many times you repeat an affirmation, nothing will happen if you lack belief, focus, and passionate action toward that goal!

Sound essences are vibrational remedies that purify your aura and establish your personal energy template at the desired frequency to reach that aim. Again, I combine this with Unbox mentoring when necessary to help my clients adjust their attitude and cleanse their energy.

Please visit my shop to learn more about both products. Regrettably, we are currently not permitted to export any liquid products overseas via postal service. As a result, these two deals are available to Unbox members in the UAE only (unless you are visiting soon). Moreover, shipping prices have risen in response to recent global events. Soon, I’ll have to raise the price of products to match the rise that was imposed on us. However, you need to act fast and place your order. Prices will stay unchanged till the end of March 2022.

My Wonderful News!

Finally, I have wonderful news! I recently finished the manuscript for my fourth upcoming book, The Book of Tarot, which will be published by Arcturus Publishing in the United Kingdom. Hopefully, it will be available before Christmas and the holiday season. As such I have not released any new podcasts – please forgive me!

This has been a huge milestone for me—a dream come true! It felt fantastic to organise my ideas and write what I know about The Tarot as a self-development tool, over the past 30 years, in such a big book (90,000 words)! The Tarot is a truly fantastic visual tool for triggering your intuition, understanding your life, and achieving your goals – it’s all in the book!

A celebration with my tribe is in order! It will most likely be a beach day because I haven’t seen any of my friends in a long time (spent writing).  How would you feel if your personal dream came true? If you’re ready, fill out the online assessment form and let’s Unbox your potential!

Will you be one of the lucky few to sign up for Unbox mentoring in May? Only a few clients are mindfully chosen each month for one-on-one mentoring, with the intention of supporting them in achieving their potential. And what better time to begin than in the spring? Take the online assessment and let’s talk.


Stay in good health, nay the energy of spring revives your spirit!


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