2022 began with a new moon, adding to the anticipation of the New Year’s promise of a fresh start. By beginning with a new moon, February is also trying its best to keep your ambitions energised. The Full Moon falls on the 16th, and it has already been called The Snow Moon, a tribute to the snow that has fallen in the northern hemisphere. This is known as the Hunger Moon by some Native American tribes and the Storm Moon by others, depending on where you are in the world. So, over the next two weeks, keep your goals and actions in mind.

Emotions You re Going Through

Many of you are still languishing for reasons you don’t understand. “My friends have betrayed me”, “I can’t seem to break free from procrastination“, and “something is holding me back” are just a few of the frequent comments I receive from you. This is perfectly normal! As a society, we have never before faced the same crisis in tandem and at the same time. What was different, however, is how each of us reacted. Your personal reaction is always influenced by your level of self-awareness, which is determined by your current perspective on life.

You are a living being who is constantly changing. Every single cell in your body is constantly changing. And your life is in constant flux. How can you keep the same viewpoint? The truth is that as you grow, your perspective evolves. New vistas open up as a result, and new possibilities emerge — all you have to do is “drive yourself towards the space.” What was previously unthinkable has become possible. This could mean saying goodbye to old friends and making new ones who nurture the person you have now become.

Life Challenges Are An Invitation

Any life challenges you face now, are an invitation waiting to be unboxed. Challenges are an invitation to develop and adapt in order to create your new reality. Getting emotional does not help you. Your Emotions can separate you form the reality you are trying to create. This means that the previous ways of knowing and doing things are no longer valid (which explains why life is no longer working!) You must reset and upgrade!  That is exactly what we are all called to do at all times. It’s called self-growth.

Weeding out the past is like a snake shedding its old skin: painful, however necessary. Otherwise, you would stop growing. So, consider yourself fortunate. Two New Moons in a row, are causing your emotions to surface, bringing your attention to what you can no longer tolerate.

How To Move Forward Towards The Future

You went through the emotions. Now, act. Drive into the space. Just like when you drive, you are mindful of the traffic, and driving conditions; and you always steer your car into the space. Direct your mind & actions towards what is possible right now…moving forward towards your current goal.

Till next month,

Live Your best Life!


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